Sen. Rand Paul: Retaining Instead of Repealing ObamaCare Will Be GOP’s Undoing

Senate GOP RINO’S Will Renege on Campaign Pledges to Repeal ObamaCare,
Excuses, Excuses, Delays, Lies & Distractions


Judas Got 30 Pieces of Silver, What Did Republicans Get For Betraying America on ObamaCare?

Will The Republicans Finally End This Russian Lunacy Or Let the Democrats Continue to Set the Agenda?

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Trump & Republicans Get Rolled – Democrats Celebrate $1 Trillion Budget Deal

Republicans Sell Out Voters – Renege on Campaign Promises Again
Throw The Bums Out! -Image Courtesy: Fox Business

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Broken Promises! What Speaker Ryan Isn’t Telling You About ObamaCare Lite

Why Is Speaker Paul Ryan Lying to the American People
About his Three Prong Approach to Repealing & Replacing ObamaCare?

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House Freedom Caucus Member Say They Have Votes to Block ObamaCare Lite

(Watch) Dana Loesch on FOX Business Explain her Opposition to ObamaCare Lite

ObamaCare Lite — Cartoons Courtesy:

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CATO Institute Opposes Republican’s ObamaCare Lite

Republican Individual Mandate: Anyone Going Without Govt Mandated Health Insurance for Two Months Would be Assessed a 30% (TAX) Surcharge Penalty


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(Watch) How Direct Primary Care Works Better Between Physicians and Patients, Cutting Out Govt Bureaucrats and Ins Co’s Lowers Costs, Increases Quality of Care

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Speaker Paul Ryan “Just Not Ready” to Endorse Trump – Conservatives Didn’t Abandon the GOP The GOP Left Us

CNN Paul RyanIs It Time For a ‘No Confidence Vote’ – To Fire Ryan as House Speaker?

(CNN Video) House Speaker Paul Ryan just another scared GOP establishment RINO afraid of losing power & influence – refusing to support the Republican voters choice for president and unify the party.

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Mitt Romney to Lay Out Strategy to Defeat Trump – What Do You Bet Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise

Mitt Romney(Bloomberg) RINO Loser Mitt Romney Thursday to
Lay Out Case Against Trump –Image: Leah@Twitter

  • Flashback: Remember when President Ronald Reagan Gavest us his 11th Commandment

“Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Any Fellow Republican.”

How Times Have Changed