Rifqa Bary Betrayed By Her Own Brother

Runaway Convert

Via JAWA Report

Rifqa Bary’s brother Rilvan (seen here left in blue stripped shirt) reportedly brags to Islamic stalker-blogger Davi Barker, who claimed in one post, that he knew Rifqa’s present location, issuing this veiled threat:

  • “Ill tell you one thing reader…if she is not safe in Ohio, she is not safe in Florida. All it took was a little creative Googling and I was able to determine the likely address where she is staying…”

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FBI Agent Report: Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement
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Terror Goons In Florida Supervise Investigation


Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Investigators were supervised by Hamas front organization CAIR when they interviewed Rifqa Bary’s family in order to whitewash the investigations and send Ms. Bary back to Ohio and into the hands of a family which has threatened to murder her as an apostate.

It should be of little surprise that their reports which were under Court seal for 10 days and opened last evening, found there were no credible threats to Ms. Bary’s welfare.

On the 03 September, I wrote here that Rifqa Bary from Columbus, Ohio remains safe in Florida after Ohio Authorities failed miserably to protect her from her family which threatened to kill her because of her conversion to Christianity.

In August, Atlas Shrugs reported  that Ohio school authorities were made aware of but ignored and brutality at the hands of her family.

On September 11 of all days Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland succumbed to heavy Islamic pressure and weighed in, urging Florida officials to send 17 year old Ms. Bary back to Columbus saying, “Child welfare agencies in Ohio and Franklin County, are fully capable for providing security and well being to Ohio’s children,” in his statement the Ohio Governor claimed, “…this is a family matter and would most appropriately be handled here in Ohio with the assistance of child welfare and foster care system.”

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Rifqa Bary Safe For Now In Florida

CAIR Just Like You

Via Jawa Report—CAIR  Escorts Florida Investigators

Two weeks ago, Judge Daniel Lawson directed that Florida Investigators report information to accurately  assess potential threats to Rifq Bary’s welfare. Why did they rely upon CAIR the unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas funding case to escort them?

Columbus Dispatch Reporter Meredith Heagney and surrogate for the Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio where Rifqa Bary’s family attends, uses her position as a “Reporter” to publish the information suitable to her CAIR handlers.

Today Ms. Heagney reports that Rifqa Bary’s parents deny abuse allegations. What does she expect them to say, that they have abused their daughter and have threatened to kill her as an apostate.

Earlier this week I wrote here that Honor Killings are an all too frequent occurrence in radical Islam, citing numerous examples around the world as well as in this country. On the 12 August, I wrote here about the tragic Honor Killings of Sarah and her sister Amina Said, murdered by their father in Texas for bringing shame upon his Muslim family.

Rifqa Bary’s welfare is what is most important and erring on the side of caution, the Court has Ordered that Ms. Bary will remain in Florida and has scheduled a hearing at the end of the month.

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Rifqa Bary’s Attorneys File Memoranda Detailing Columbus, Ohio Mosque Ties To Islamic Jihad

Sharia Law Bad For Women

Via Jawa Report

Attorneys for Rifqa Bary on Monday filed with the Court a Investigation and Intelligence Memoranda detailing the extremism of Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio where her family attends. The 35 page document reveals their ties to the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, hatred of Israel, Jews and links to Al-Qaeda.

CAIR surrogates diligently are working overtime in Florida, to send Rifqa Bary back home to Columbus, Ohio to face a possible death sentence for her faith in Christianity.

More here from Atlas Shrugs: Orlando Sentinel in overdrive
to send Muslim Convert into Jaws of Extremist Muslims

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CAIR surrogates revealing themselves, utilizing Islamic disinformation to stifle Rifqa Bary news

Rifqa Bary Holding Her Bible Entering Florida Court Room

Via The American Thinker
‘Apostate’ Girl’s Father: The Unreported Story

Rifqa Bary entering a Florida Court Room last Friday afternoon, Judge Orders that Ms. Bary will remain in Florida for now.

On Sunday, the Orlando Sentinel published a completely irresponsible opinion column by Mike Thomas, which is so misinformed and dangerous, advocating the honor killing of Rifqa and decrying “anti-Muslim” bias by the media.

Council on American-Islamic Relations “CAIR” reveals its strategy here they want surrogates to push the argument that Rifqa was “brainwashed” by Christians who abducted the teenager and took her to Florida.

CAIR the unindicted co-conspirator expose their plan,
how Islamists hope to frame their Rifqa Bary argument.
Atlas Shrugs

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Columbus Dispatch Reporter Covering Rifqa Bary, Surrogate For Islamic Extremist Mosque

Media Bias 2009

Last week Columbus Dispatch Reporter Meredith Heagney (mheagney@dispatch.com) published an article attacking the credibility of potential honor killing victim Rifqa Bary. In the article Meredith Heagney, quoted a Columbus, Ohio Police official who assured the public that there was NOTHING to worry about, flatly denying Rifqa’s claims of potential danger from her family.

This quote has been reprinted and widely circulated by Rifqa’s parents supporters including the Council of America-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in her claims that Rifqa has been brainwashed and abducted by Christians.

Speaking to sorces in the Columbus area, it seems that Heagney is more than just a neutral or objective observer. According to these sources, Heagney has used her position with the Columbus Dispatch to serve as a de-facto press agent for the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, where Rifqa’s parents attend the Mosque’s ugly ties to terror were covered here just a few days ago.

Rest here from Jawa Report

H/T: Patrick Poole

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CAIR Develping Media Strategy On Rifqa Bary


Via Atlas Shrugs

Demonstrators gathered today around the Court House in which Rifqa Bary’s case is currently underway inside a Florida Juvenile courtroom.

Christian’s must rally in support of Rifqa Bary on 12 August,
I wrote here that Ms. Bary’s is not your typical runaway, instead Rifqa’s life was in peril by threats that her father had made to murder her for bringing shame upon the family.

CAIR is developing a strategy with the help of their favorite surrogates to respond to the on-going public relations crisis, wanting its supporters to push the argument that Christians have brainwashed Ms. Bary and impugn the character of Rifqa.

CAIR formulates Media Strategy On Rifqa Bary
from Jawa Report

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Please Remember to Pray for Rifqa Bary and that her parents Mohamed and A’asha Bary will come to know the Lord Jesus as the true Way—from Rifqa Bary.com

Columbus, Ohio Teen Threatened Because Of Her Conversion & Faith In Christianity

Fathima Rifq BaryRifqa Bary is not just your  typical 17 year old, she found herself being threatened by her devout Muslim parents because of her conversion to Christianity and soon discovered an unsympathetic Columbus Police Department that has chosen to disregard the physical threats being made by Rifqa’s father to murder her for bringing shame on the family.

Tragically, Rifqa’s fears are eerily similar to Sarah and her sister Amina Said along with Aqsa Parvez young women from devout Muslim families, who society failed to protect. We can not fail  Rifqa, her fears are genuine and in her own words here she describes a family who has threatened to murder her to protect the honor of their devout Muslim family.

Fearing for her safety and personal welfare, Rifqa runaway from home and sought refuge and shelter from a dynamic Christian fellowship, Global Revolution Church in Orlando, FL which took Rifqa in protecting her from persecution and harm because of her faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor’s Blake and Beverly Lorenz, of Global Revolution Church, deserve to be commended for their care, love and support of  Rifqa and as Christian’s we need to keep this young woman in our daily prayers.

God has special plans for Rifqa and we are all very blessed to have  a wonderful and very special addition to the family of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


ABC Good Morning America has invited Pastor Blake Lorenz, to be on a segment Thursday morning, 13 August, in which he will be addressing this important subject. In case that you missed this segment here is a link to the ABC News segment broadcast this morning.

More here from Robert Spencer—Jihad Watch, “If you have this Jesus in your heart, your dead to me. Your not my daughter…I will kill you.”

A Slow -Motion Honor Killing by Robert Spencer,
Front Page Magazine