(Video) Lying Ted Cruz on More Than One Occasion Claimed Not to Know Former House Speaker John Boehner but Was his Lawyer

In January Sen Ted Cruz claimed: “I don’t really know Speaker Boehner” (R-OH) on Bloomberg Television — This week, Ted Cruz said of  the former House Speaker Boehner “I don’t know the man” on Fox News with Megyn Kelly but was in-fact his former lawyer.

According to Business Insider in 1998 before Boehner became Speaker of the House of Representatives and Cruz was elected to the Senate, Boehner had commenced litigation against Rep Jim McDermott (D-WA) for allegedly breaking wiretapping laws.

The lawsuit stemmed from a Florida couple recording a call between Boehner and then House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) they had heard over a police scanner. The couple sent the audio recording to McDermott, who later allegedly released it to the NY Times and other publications. The call centered around alleged ethical violations Gingrich faced at the time and McDermott was the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee.

Furious, Boehner called this an invasion of privacy and hired Ted Cruz, who had recently before served as a Law Clerk for then Justice William Rehnquist — Cruz made an early appearance before the news media defending his client John Boehner after he had sent out a fundraising appeal to help defray his legal expenses.

“The fundraising letter is much ado about nothing,” Cruz told the Seattle Times – “Congressman McDermott consistently attempted to delay the litigation and drive up expense. It is reasonably expected that Congressman Boehner will use the means at his disposal to raise funds to pursue the lawsuit.”

Later when Jay Leno asked Boehner what he thought of Cruz, he referred to him as a “good guy” adding, “I don’t always agree with him but he’s a good guy.”

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What Comes Around…It’s Time to Purge John Boehner as House Speaker

Its Time(Breitbart) Six Times John Boehner Proved his Incompetence
I am The Tea Party

Flashback: Remember in October, 2013 when Boehner capitulated to Obama on the debt ceiling with no spending cuts and budget reforms when the federal deficit was $16.9 Trillion (now its $18 Trillion+) after Boehner pledged in 2012:

“When the time comes, I will again insist of my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. This is the only avenue I see…to force the elected leadership in the country to solve our structural imbalance.”


On the 04 December, 2012 I wrote here that Speaker Boehner, purged Conservatives from key committee’s–Its now time to ‘purge’ Mr. Boehner from his key House leadership position.

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Elections Don’t Matter? 1,603 Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $19 Million to Protect African Rhinos

BoehnerAs Long as Kool-Aid Drinking RINO John Boehner of Ohio is House Speaker Obama has No Worries –Image: JP Hawkins@Twitter

(Breitbart) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is definitely RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and the real life rhinoceroses best friend too–appropriating some $19,061,000 to protect the Rhino’s and other exotic creatures from among other things African poachers, all at a time when our out of control federal deficit is now $18 Trillion+ or $56,383 per American citizen.

Did the State of Michigan Just Trigger a Constitutional Convention?

Natl Debt --Cagle CartoonsU.S. Federal Budget Deficit $17.5+ Trillion

(FOX News) Momentum is building behind what would be an unprecedented effort to amend the Constitution and balance the federal budget, in the wake of lawmakers in the State of Michigan, becoming the 34th state to exercise their rights triggering the 2/3 necessary pursuant to Article V of the Constitution of the United States.

In the wake of Michigan’s vote, Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) pressed House Speaker John Boehner yesterday to determine whether the states crossed the necessary threshold to begin the process of achieving a balanced budget amendment and Obama, can’t do a damn thing about it.

If 2/3 of the states have indeed called for a constitutional convention, the ball is now in Congress’ court.

The last time a successful amendment was ratified was May 1992 the 27th Amendment on Congressional pay increases.

Obama & Congress Fritter We Can, Fritter We Do

Remember When RINO’s Pledged to “Curb Washington’s Spending Habits’ This Week Passed 1,582 Page $3 Million Per Word Spending Bill

Boehner Pledge to AmericaRepublicans Pledge to America –Image: GOP.gov

Flashback: Remember when RINO’s pledged “We will curb Washington’s spending habits and promote job creation, bring down the deficit and build long term fiscal stability.”

The giant 1,582 page federal budget bill (which nobody read) but the GOP controlled House passed Wednesday, Democrat controlled Senate passed yesterday and Obama signed into law today according to the Associated Press will cost taxpayers nearly $3 Million per word.

House Speaker John Boehner Says ‘We Have The Constitution’ Then Exercise It!

Boehner Constitution

House Speaker John Boehner posts on his Facebook timeline on Wednesday:

“President Obama says he has a pen and a phone he can use to bypass Congress. Pens and phones are nice but we have the Constitution…”

So when will this Congress exercise its Constitutional duty pursuant to Article II Section 4 and put a stop to Obama?

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Ted Cruz: Ryan-Murray Budget Deal “Spends More, Taxes More” Continues Funding ObamaCare

Ryan Murray BudgetRyan-Murray Budget Deal Breaks the Sequester Promise of 2011 to Cut Spending a Decade Later –Rep Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)@Twitter

(Heritage Action) The ‘Ryan-Murray House Senate Budget Deal’ despite all the rhetoric and praise RINO House Speaker John Boehner may give it and the supposed “deficit reduction” it actually increases spending during the next 2 years by $63 Billion above current law and lives up to none of the promises it makes.

While Ryan-Murray ‘agreement’ purports to produce $23 Billion in deficit reduction it does so by relying on savings (when has this actually ever happened) in 10 years with promises of future spending reductions later as Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) points out:

“The new budget deal–spends more, taxes more and allows for continued funding of ObamaCare…This proposal undoes the sequester modest reforms and pushes us two steps back, deeper into debt. Supporters of this plan are asking for more spending now in exchange for minor changes that may possibly reduce spending later.”

When have we heard this before?

Back in 2011 the National Review reminds us that back in 1982 President Reagan, agreed to $3.00 in spending cuts for every $1.00 in tax hikes–promised spending cuts are illusionary and after awhile, they are forgotten about and all that remains is higher taxes on Americans.

Thomas Paine writing in 1791 in the ‘Rights of Men’ pointed out: “It is a general rule that when taxes are once laid they are never taken off.”

We haven’t learned much during the past 222 years.

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Dennis Miller Slams John Boehner –Twitchy

RINO Speaker Boehner Goes Off on Conservatives Over Republican Cave-In of 2 Year Budget Deal


(Business Insider) RINO House Speaker John Boehner, snapped at Conservatives that have come out in opposition to the so called two year budget deal announced last evening, that sets discretionary federal spending above $1 Trillion for the period, while repealing sequestration which barely cut 2.4% of federal spending essentially blowing up any real Republican spending restraint as the CATO Institute points out, in return for more revenue increases–tax hikes and budget quackery.

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Budget Deal Saves $23 Billion–After $65 Billion Spending Spree

House Speaker Boehner Capitulates to Obama on Debt Ceiling, Will the Govt Slimdown be Next?

Boehner and Obama

(WSJ) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said today that he will agree to extend the out-of-control $16.9+ Trillion federal deficit until the 20th November, with no spending cuts and budget reforms that Boehner pledged last year, would need to be included in any future hike in federal borrowing authority.

Flashback: Remember in May, 2012 when Boehner said “When the time comes, I will again insist on my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. This is the only avenue I see…to force the elected leadership in the country to solve our structural imbalance.”

On the 1 January, I wrote here that it’s time for Boehner to go. House Republicans had given Speaker Boehner an opportunity to redeem himself but once again, Boehner shamelessly has compromised on a pledge that he made only a year before, forfeiting any real leverage the GOP had in deficit reduction by caving into Obama’s demands.

If Conservatives want to keep the House and win control of the Senate in 2014 John Boehner needs to be ousted as Speaker and a principled leader must be chosen, lest we see a repeat of 2006 in next year’s mid-term elections.

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