China Regime Detains or Closely Watches “Tiananmen Families” Ahead of 25th Anniversary

Tiananmen Students 1989100,000+ Students Led Protests of the China Regime in ‘Tiananmen Square’ in 1989 –Image: Maxime Duprez@Twitter

China Regime Doesn't Want You To SeeChina Regime Would Like to Suppress Pictures Such as This One of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre –Image: Richard Waghorne@Twitter

Tiananmen Square MothersJune 4th at 25: Resisting Enforced Amnesia, Building a Just Future –HRIC

(RFA) Chinese authorities have detained or placed under close surveillance  the relatives of those who were murdered or maimed in the 1989 military crackdown on student-led protesters in Tiananmen Square ahead of the 25th Anniversary of the tragic event on the 04 June

Ding Zilin, founder of the ‘Tiananmen Mother’s’ group is presently being detained and unable to return home in an unknown location outside of Beijing–You aged 61, whose husband died from gunshot wounds during the massacre, said many more group members have been placed under tight security ahead of the sensitive 25th Anniversary of the 04 June bloodbath.

“This year the controls placed on us are different than those in previous years,” You said. “Ding isn’t able to return to Beijing and everyone we know with a (Tiananmen) connection is under house arrest–On the 25th Anniversary, they want to silence us so we can’t speak out or hold any memorials,” she said.

Yesterday I wrote here that Florida Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia, claims that “Communism works.” I’m thinking that many that live under the control of the Marxist China Regime, likely do not share Rep Garcia’s sentiments.

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Florida Democrat Congressman Joe Garcia: We’ve Proved That Communism Works

What Communism Looks LikeThis is What Communism in the USSR, Cuba and Venezuela Looks Like
Image: Rafa@Twitter

(Daily Caller)  Just as many of us always suspected of the political Left…Democratic Rep Joe Garcia of Florida, during a Google hangout that he convened last week to discuss immigration claimed, “…we’ve proved that Communism works.”

On the 08 March, I wrote here that oil rich Venezuela with 302% inflation, food lines and government allocation of resources, most certainly isn’t evidence that central economic planning is successful.

Should Rep Garcia like Communism so well, why doesn’t he resign his $174,000 Congressional Seat and immigrate to some Marxist country so that he may share in his nirvana dream with the Peasants waiting in long food lines?