Obama’s Chief of Staff is Out, Does America Care?

With the departure of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel presumably to run for Mayor of Chicago, does most Americans even care?

Emanuel known for his huge ego,  foul mouth tirades and sending a rotting fish to a pollster that he didn’t like, is now free to pursue his dreams of becoming a Big City Mayor, taking his childish pranks and lack of civility home with him.

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White House Enlists Bill Clinton To Urge Pennsylvania Congressman Sestak To Withdraw From Senate Race

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, enlisted the support of former President Bill Clinton, according to a 2 page report issued today by White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer which states that Clinton spoke to Congressman Joe Sestak, D-PA in 2009 to abandon his primary challenge of Sen. Arlen Specter, D-PA in exchange for a non-paid White House Advisory Board position in the Executive Branch.

Why was this report released on the Friday before Memorial Day other than to hope that this story goes away by next week?

Why was there a need to have White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer write a report of the matter unless there was something nefarious the Obama Administration is worried about?

Why was Congressman Sestak’s brother consulted during the drafting of the report issued by White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer?

In February, Congressman Sestak claimed that he was “offered” a high ranking government post to get out of the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Today, Congressman Sestak claims that received a phone call from former President Clinton (acting on the behest of the White House) expressing his concerns in seeking to oust a sitting Senator, followed up by a conversation with the President Obama’s Chief of Staff about the serving on the Presidential Advisory Board while staying in the House of Representaives.

Why did Congressman Sestak not say this in February? Why has Congressman Sestak changed his story?

Did President Obama, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, former President Clinton, Congressman Sestak and his brother need to get their stories straight before White House Lawyer Robert F. Bauer released his 2 page report the Friday before Memorial Day?

All of the Republican Members of the House Judiciary Committee have joined Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA the Ranking Member on the House on Government Oversight and Reform, in writing asking that FBI Director Robert Mueller, to launch an investigation possible “collusion” and “obstruction of justice” involving Congressman Sestak’s brother.

Sounds Dubious.

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