Dinosaur Media -v- Donald Trump – Who Do You Trust More to Defend/Protect Your Civil Liberties?

CBS NewsNY Times: Distract Us With the Word ‘Terrorism’ Huh??? —CBS News


  • 9/11;
  • Ft. Hood Massacre;
  • U.S. Navy Recruiting Center Chattanooga, TN Massacre;
  • San Bernardino Massacre

What Do All of These Have in Common?

Donald Trump@Donald Trump: At Least Knows Who Are the Enemies of Freedom

What Is One To Make Of the GOP National Polls? Trump Leads Carson or is Carson Leading Trump?

GOP PollsReal Clear Politics Avg — Donald Trump Leads All Candidates

However according to a new CBS/NYTimes poll Dr. Ben Carson leads GOP field nationally unless of course, one views the latest One America News Network Survey which indicates that Trump leads Carson by 14 points nationwide.

What’s one to make of all this?

Public opinion polls are inherently wrong as ‘there’s a whole lot of fibbin’ going on out there’ between voters and pollsters.

Is the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist in Coverage of Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz?

NY Times BiasIs the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist? –Image: BCP@Twitter

NY Times February 2007 When Sen. Obama Enters Race for President:

“Speaking smoothly and comfortably, Mr. Obama offered a generational call to arms, portraying his campaign less as a candidacy and more as a movement.”

NY Times March, 2015 When Sen Ted Cruz Enters Race for President:

“Mr. Cruz’s tenure in Washington has been marked by accusations of demagogy. He sometimes deploys the soaring dictation of a preacher while stalking out uncompromising and rigid conservative positions, often playing the role of a political flamethrower.”

H/T: Megyn Kelly

Famed NY Times Atty Floyd Abrams, Criticizes Newspaper for Not Printing ‘Charlie Hedbo’ Cartoons

NY Times Editorial‘This Gem Buried on the ‘Letters to the Editor’ Page of the NY Times by
Atty Floyd Abrams Who Defended the
NY Times & Judith Miller in the
CIA Leak Investigation Case’ –Courtesy:
Larry Buchanan@Twitter

(Weekly Standard) Atty Floyd Abrams is the Author of: “Friend of the Court: On the Front Lines with the First Amendment” and “Speaking Freely: Trials of the First Amendment”

What Comes Around Goes Around NY Times Reporters Julie Bosman & Campbell Robertson

What Comes AroundWhat Comes Around… Image Courtesy: DJ@Twitter

(FOX News) Reckless Move: These two NY Times reporters incorporate Ferguson, MO Police Officer Darren Wilson’s address in a Monday news article.

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