TSA Screener Plants Bag of White Powder on Passenger as a Joke

If air travel wasn’t challenging enough already—TSA Screener in Philadelphia plants bag of white powder on a passenger flying to Detroit aboard Northwest Airlines as a joke.

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Are Airport Full Body Scanners Just a Scam?

A full body scan pictured on a computer screen at Manchester Airport in NW England.

The explosive device smuggled in the clothing of the would-be Islamic Terrorist Thug who attempted to blow himself up on Christmas Day aboard Northwest Airlines # 253 with 278 passengers and 11 crew members, would not have have been detected by the full body scanner, which many persons are calling for, insisting must be installed as the first line of defense to enhance aviation security.

On the 30 December I wrote here that the full body imaging scanners will not fix airline security problems.

Aviation Security Experts in Great Britain have said, “…millimetreĀ  wave scanners picked up shrapnel, heavy wax and metal but plastic, chemicals and liquids were missed…”

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Via The Independent, UK

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Northworst Airlines—NTSB asks, How did pilots fly past Minneapolis Airport?

Northworst Airlines

National Transportation Safety Board now have the black boxes from Northworst Airlines flight 188 whose pilots have claimed they were in a heated discussion and became distracted during this weeks San Diego to Minneapolis flight?

Thank the Lord for small miracles—at least this time they just flew past their destination instead of overshooting the runway.

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