ObamaCare Rising Costs — What Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About

ObamaCare Individual Market Premium Changes: 2013 to 2017
-U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

Video Flashback: Remember when Obama Pledged Americans Would be Able to Buy Health Ins
for Less Than Their Cell Phone Bill

(Watch) What’s Wrong With Nancy Pelosi? Appears Dazed, Freezes and Stares at Audience

Nancy Pelosi’s Senior Moment About ObamaCare

In 2018 “about 45% of counties are expected to have one or no insurer in the (ObamaCare) marketplace where about 12 million Americans buy their own coverage…”

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ISIS Targets Families in Baghdad as Car Bomb Explodes Outside Packed Ice Cream Parlor

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Car Bombing Outside a Packed Ice Cream Parlor in Baghdad Early Tuesday That Killed At Least 16, Seriously Injuring 75 Many of the Women & Children


Nimrod! Nancy Pelosi Bashes Ivanka Trump For Being “Complicit…Not Acting in the Interest of the American People”

Yes Loudmouth Rosie O’Donnell, Democrat Hypocrites Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi & Claire McCaskill, Any Other Stupid Questions?

So Then Shut-Up @Rosie


Breaking News! Nancy Pelosi LIED About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Give All Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship” Maybe She’d Like These Two MS-13 Thugs to Move-In With Her?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi Would Like to Have These Two MS-13 Thugs Move In With Her?

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Nancy Pelosi Makes Convoluted Pro-Death Argument on Abortion Rights