Flashback: Donald Trump Was Right About N. Korea Nearly 20 Yrs Ago

Full Interview – Meet the Press with Tim Russert
@8:56 Donald Trump Was Right About North Korea in October, 1999

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Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism Means Coercion

Bernie Sanders Socialism@Bernie Sanders “The Problem with Socialism is That Eventually
You Run Out of Other Peoples Money.” -Margaret Thatcher

(Washington Times) Do you know what Socialism is? Hillary Clinton struggled to find an answer when recently asked. — Socialism is a system which the government owns or controls the means of production and allocates resources and rewards.

Sen. Bernie Sanders proudly proclaims himself a ‘democratic socialist’ and many in the Democratic Party seem to have no problem with it and in fact, are embracing him and his ideas. Listening to all of this, one gets the feeling that for a significant portion of the population, history began in the year 2000 — Where have been the great Socialist success stories? Much of the worlds population greatly suffered under various forms of socialism in the 20th century. Not one of the various socialist models proved to be a success.

There was the Communist variety of Socialism in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China and Cambodia, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths from starvation and the gulags. There was the Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) model in Germany and Italy, which like the Communist version, resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Somewhat more benign but still coercive versions of Socialism were prevalent in India, many places in Africa and South America, all resulted in economic stagnation–because productive effort was separated from reward. The two most Socialist countries today are North Korea and Cuba–both very poor and repressive. The average Cuban government worker has a monthly wage which is less than what the average American worker makes in an hour.

It is true that every country has some Socialist enterprises at the federal, state or local levels. For instance, the U.S. government owns Amtrak and the City of Flint, Michigan owns its water department. Arguably, both would do much better in private hands. France has many more government owned enterprises than neighboring Switzerland. Even France is still basically a capitalistic free-market economy but with far less freedom and prosperity than Switzerland.

Why does Socialism always fail and why will Bernie Sanders’ schemes and to a lesser extent Hillary’s ObamaCare version also fail? Under a capitalist free-market system, the business person seeks to produce goods and services that the consumer wants at the lowest possible cost-which includes having the smallest and most productive work force possible–in order to maximize profits. Under the Socialist model, the political leaders decide what the consumers should have (which is often very different from what they want or need) Productivity and innovation are given short shift, needless workers are hired and few are fired. In almost all cases, costs soon overrun revenues and the losses are made up by even higher taxes or more debt–eventually causing an economic collapse. As economic stagnation increases, the citizens become more restless and either throw off the yoke of government through ballot box, as was done in 1979 in the United Kingdom with the election of Margaret Thatcher, or the protesters are imprisoned until often a bloody revolt occurs.

Now back to Bernie Sanders who has proposed “Medicare for all” as one of his many schemes. Professor Gerald Friedman of the University of Massachusetts, Dept of Economics has examined the Sanders plan (and has no political ax to grind) he estimates it would cost $40.9 Trillion between 2017-2026 Hospitals and doctors would be forced to take huge cuts, driving many out of the medical profession, reducing innovation and standards in health care. Patients would be forced to wait in long queues. It would be like the present failed Veterans Administration health system for all.

Back in 2002 Joshua Muravchik wrote a classic book on the history of Socialism. Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism (available at Amazon.com) Perhaps it is time for the political class, including the commentators, to go back and read it and realize again that the next time the Socialists will not get it right because the model is fatally flawed.

What is most disturbing is the idea that America–and its unique success as a nation, was built around individual liberty and opportunity, not collective coercion. All too many no longer understand what the American Founders were trying to and largely did achieve.

The young people who support Bernie Sanders and even Hillary Clinton, seem to be generally ignorant of why America worked. Many do not want the government to restrict unfettered abortions or their right to smoke pot but seem to be oblivious that Socialism and big government makes everyone into an economic slave. Many workers in the Soviet Union as is true of North Korea and Cuba today, could not even choose their own profession, or what town or apartment block they lived in. Such restrictions are the logical and necessary outcomes of Socialism, unless it is thrown off before it reaches that stage.

Those in the news media who have an opportunity to quiz the presidential candidates, would do the citizens a great favor if they could discern what the candidates really know about the Constitution and the arguments made in the Federalist Papers.

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N. Korea Propaganda Ministry Launches Sexist Attack of Park Geun-hye After Obama’s Visit

Kim Jong Un

(Asian Correspondent/AP)  South Korea has expressed outrage over a rhetorical attack on South Korean President Park Geun-hye by the North Korean propaganda ministry, calling Park a “despicable prostitute” with Obama as her pimp.

The North Korea state-run media, often uses rather childish inflammatory rhetoric, it has called former South Korean president’s ‘dogs’ but has shown a particularly crude appetite for insulting Park with sexist slurs.

Obama’s Watch: Weekly Jobless Claims Rise to the Highest Level in 4 Months

Obama Jobless

(CNBC) The number of Americans filing first time claims for unemployment benefits rose last week to their highest number in four months, the Dept of Labor reported today.

On the 29 March, Human Events reported that since the so-called Obama Recovery began, household income has dropped 5.6% that is after the $6 Trillion in deficit spending to “stimulate” the economy, supposedly for the benefit of the average American household.

While Obamanomics fails to live up to the grandiose promises made and the crisis in North Korea worsens with their announcement that they have approved a nuclear strike on the United States Obama yesterday traveled to San Francisco to raise campaign cash.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Picture of the Day

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N. Korea Steps Up War Threat Against U.S.

North Korea Diplomacy

(Weekly Standard/NY Times) North Korea today said it had ordered its strategic rockets and long-range artillery units on “the highest alert” threatening South Korea and American Troops, together with U.S. bases in Guam, Hawaii and the west coast of the United States.

The U.S. and South Korea have announced a new joint agreement to respond to possible attacks from North Korea–Washington’s latest step step to reassure our allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

More here from Market Watch

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N. Korea Scraps Armistice with U.S. and S. Korea, What is Obama Doing During This Latest Crisis?

DPP Scraps Treaty Between S Korea & USANorth Korea has Resumed the Korean War –Shanghaiist

(CNN) U.S. & South Korea begin military exercises as North Korea ends the armistice and threatens nuclear war.

What’s Obama doing during this latest crisis? Over the weekend, Obama attended the annual Gridiron Dinner on Saturday and joked about taking VP Joe Biden aside saying, “…You got to mature a little.”

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North Korea: U.S. & South Korea Naval Exercises Provocation

Tough Talk from Kim Jong-il today, claiming that the joint U.S.Navy/South Korean military exercises poses a “fresh provocation to peace and stability.” —Xinhua News Agency

Huh? What “Peace and Stability” on the Korean Peninsula is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea referring to? Easy for the Marxist North Korean Dictator to make threats, standing behind China.

Last week North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island murdering two Soldiers, in one of the heaviest attacks on its neighbor since the Korean War.

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Obama’s China Policy Disaster

Obama Administration: Presidency in Crisis

Smoke rising from South Korean Yeonpyeong Island, What Will Obama Do This Time?

On the 26 May, I wrote here a century ago, sinking of ship leads America to war, now sinking of U.S. ally South Korean ship leads to United Nations for more ineffective sanctions.

A new foreign policy crisis is developing between Marxist North Korea and American ally South Korea, what is the Obama Administration response? The White House strongly condemns attack, begs North Korea to cease fire.

China expresses concern over alleged exchange of fire between North & South Korea –Xinhua

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Obama has Disengaged, Willing to Live with Nuclear Iran