Obama’s Indecisive New Foreign Policy Initiative

General Colin Powell’s enduring contribution to American Foreign Policy is the Powell Doctrine which states that the following questions must be answered before military action may be taken by the United States:

1.Is a vital national security interest threatened?

2. Do we have a clear attainable objective?

3.Have the risks and costs been fully analyzed?

4.Have all other non-violent means been fully exhausted?

5. Is there a plausible exit strategy?

6. Have the consequences of our actions been fully considered?

7. Is the action supported by the American people?

8. Do we have genuine broad international support?

The Powell Doctrine has three main precepts: (1) Avoid Mission Creep; (2) Clearly define our goals; (3) plan an exit strategy before engaging the enemy. Obama’s Libyan intervention flunks on all three counts.

Avoid Mission Creep: Its too late for that now, the mission has already crept, it was sold as a “No Fly Zone” over Libya to stop Qaddafi’s Air Force from pounding rebel positions—even the odds. Of course, there would be a need to neutralize Qaddafi’s air defenses to protect our planes as they patrolled the skies over Libya but already its clear, that we’re bombing everything in sight.

Defined War Goals: The only one stated is to protect innocent civilians from Qaddafi’s Military, how are we going to fully implement this strategy from the air remains unanswered. In any event, Obama seems to be fully confused between his stated goal of regime change saying that Qaddafi must leave Libya on the one hand and protecting civilians.

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If it is now the stated foreign policy of the United States to protect civilians from Islamic Terrorist Thugs such as Qaddafi, why hasn’t Obama inserted the U.S. Military into the skies over American ally Israel, protecting innocent civilians from the bombardment of Grad type rockets fired by Islamic Terrorist Thugs from Gaza into Ashkelon?

While Libyan Dictator Qaddafi is most certainly a legitimate target by the United States for his complicity in the murders of 269 innocent people and Andrea Rosenthal, who were murdered on Pan Am 103 when a bomb exploded aboard the aircraft on the 21 December, 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland the stated purpose of Obama’s prosecution of the new front in Libya, wasn’t to bring Qaddafi to justice but to protect civilians.

Where does Obama’s new foreign policy initiative of protecting civilians by Islamic Terrorist Thugs take the United States Military to next? Why hasn’t Barack Obama protected innocent Christians from being slaughtered in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Somalia and Nigeria?

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Barack Hussein Obama & Chinese Communist Propagandists Exalt Libyan Terrorist Thug Qaddafi On World Stage

Libyan Terrorist Thug Complicit in Bombing of Pan Am 103 & Barack Huusein Obama

Libyan holds Qaddafi is a Pig Poster–Unfortunate Barack Hussein Obama Never Got The Memo

Stop Massacres in Libya

Just as Barack Hussein Obama is naive on the world stage, shaking hands in friendship with Quaddafi, Chinese Communist Party propagandists praise the Tyrant of Tripoli as a Great Thinker & Revolutionary.

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Libyan Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug Qaddafi Urges Anti-Israel Arabs to Revolt Against Israel

Libyan Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug—Fascist Qaddafi and Ousted Egyptian President Mubarak

Pro Obama enthusiast Qaddafi complicit in the 21 December, 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 which claimed the lives of 269 innocent persons and Andrea Rosenthal (159 passengers were Americans) now has encouraged anti-Israel Arabs mistakenly referred to as Palestinians to create problems for the world and revolt against American ally Israel.

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Libyan Lunatic Qaddafi One Lucid Moment At The United Natons, Move The UN From NYC

Libyan Leader Wacko

After translating the wacko Libyan Leader babbling to the United Nations this week for 75 minutes, the translator for the Islamic Terrorist Thug complicit in the bombing of Pan Am 103 finally collapsed resulting in a translator from the UN needing to step in to finish the goofy diatribe.

While the Libyan Lunatic had little meaningful to say, there was one part in which he was quite lucid, it was when he said that the UN should be moved out of NYC to across the Atlantic.

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