(Watch) Maryland Sen Chris Van Hollen Dodges Question Whether Its Acceptable to be Pro-Life and a Democrat

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National Enquirer Denies Participation in Alleged Trump Scheme to Blackmail Failed Congressman Joe Scarborough and Miki Brzezinski

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(Watch) Bizarre MSNBC Guest Donny Deutsch Meltdown, Calls Donald Trump a “Pig, Physically Disgusting to Look At” and Challenges Him to a Schoolyard Brawl

@30 Sec Donny Deutsch Calls Trump a “Pig, a Vulgar Pig…He’s Physically Disgusting to Look At…” @59 Sec Claims Trump “Is Not Mentally OK…”

@10 Sec Donny Deutsch Challenges Donald Trump to a Brawl in the “Schoolyard”

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(Watch) Liz Wheeler: This is What the MSM Won’t Tell You About the News This Week

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(Watch) MSNBC Host Joy Reid Attacks Congressman Steve Scalise While he Remains Hospitalized Following Last Weeks Assassination Attempt

A New Low! Unable to defend himself, Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) remains hospitalized in serious condition following last Wednesday’s assassination attempt.


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(Watch) Maxine Waters Flip-Flops on Comey Firing

Former DoD Asst Secy & Team Clinton Advisor Evelyn Farkas Admits to Spying and Leaking Trump Intelligence

Idiot! Ms. Farkas Should Have Consulted With an Attorney
Before Speaking to MSNBC

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Thrill Up His Leg Chris Matthews, Compares Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump to Saddam Hussein’s Sons

(Watch) Common Sense — Neil Cavuto to the MSM: It’s Time To Get Over Yourselves

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Its About Time For Liberals & Socialist Bernie Sanders to Step Up and Pay Their Fair Share

“You Leftists Out There Need to Step Up on Your Taxes” –@CarrieLovesAmerica