Undercover in ANTIFA: Their Tactics & Media Support Exposed

What happens when two guys infiltrate ANTIFA, live amongst them for weeks and take in their deeply rooted tactics of disruption and violence.

ACLU VA Agrees With Trump, Both Sides to Blame for the Charlottesville Riot But When Trump Says It Left Goes Berserk

Daily Beast Writer Calls White House Press Secy Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “Butch Queen” Where’s the Moral Outrage by the Left?

Outrageous Which @IraMadison Subsequently Refers to This Tweet as an “Ill Judged Joke”


Though Democrats & MSM Are Obsessing With Russia, Russia, Russia, Most Americans Don’t Care

CNN Has Lost It, Claims Trump’s Meme is “Antisemitic, Racist and Anti-Muslim”

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National Enquirer Denies Participation in Alleged Trump Scheme to Blackmail Failed Congressman Joe Scarborough and Miki Brzezinski

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(Watch) Bizarre MSNBC Guest Donny Deutsch Meltdown, Calls Donald Trump a “Pig, Physically Disgusting to Look At” and Challenges Him to a Schoolyard Brawl

@30 Sec Donny Deutsch Calls Trump a “Pig, a Vulgar Pig…He’s Physically Disgusting to Look At…” @59 Sec Claims Trump “Is Not Mentally OK…”

@10 Sec Donny Deutsch Challenges Donald Trump to a Brawl in the “Schoolyard”

VIA: Washington Times

CNN Producer Jimmy Carr: American Voters “They’re Stupid as Sh-t”

Its Good To Know What CNN Really Thinks About American Consumers

VIA: Daily Caller

H/T: Jasmine Lee

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(Watch) Liz Wheeler: This is What the MSM Won’t Tell You About the News This Week

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(Watch) MSNBC Host Joy Reid Attacks Congressman Steve Scalise While he Remains Hospitalized Following Last Weeks Assassination Attempt

A New Low! Unable to defend himself, Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) remains hospitalized in serious condition following last Wednesday’s assassination attempt.


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