Republican National Committee, Where is the Oversight?

Erik Brown, President of  Dynamic Marketing, Inc. provided direct mail services to political campaigns, billed the Republican National Committee $1,946.25  for costs at the sleazy California “Voyeur” West Hollywood Strip Club in February.

Erik Brown’s Expenditure at “Voyeur” where mainly lame celebs party

Who was watching the purse strings at the Republican National Committee?

Last year the Washington Times reported that GOP Chairman Michael Steele, was presented with a resolution calling for new “checks and balances” on the Chairman’s power to dole out money.

Where is the oversight? Can Michael Steele delegate authority responsibly?

The buck apparently does not stop with Michael Steele who wasn’t even at the GOP but instead was on an airplane returning from a swanky RNC Hawaiian Winter Retreat while the nation is in a deep recession when it happened.

It would seem that without proper oversight and supervision that last years resolution calling for “checks and balances” at the GOP is long past due.

Subsequent to the 2008 Presidential Election, I wrote here and here that the Republican Party had lost its way and Conservatives must seize the opportunity and take our party back.

Unfortunately despite all of the rhetoric, assurances and promises made, Republican values which made our party great, real leadership and management remains lacking at the GOP