Freedom of Speech is Dead in Berkeley – Communists, Anarchists & Liberal Leftists Clash with Trump Supporters on Saturday

Chinese Propaganda: New York Times Publishes Major FAKE NEWS Story

Fake News: New York Times Promotes Chinese Propaganda in an article published 09 February, Donald Trump Denies that he Endorsed the “One China Policy” Marxist Totalitarianism in Taiwan

Wah, Wah, Wah China Regime Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump’s Comments About Free & Independent Taiwan

While the Liberal Loony Left is Freaking Out Over Trump,
Dalai Lama Looks Forward in Meeting him Soon —Shanghaiist

VIA: Xinhua

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Fidel Castro Dead at 90 — Good Riddance

fidel-castro-tweet(AP) Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Announces Death of his Brother Fidel Casto

  • More Images of the Real Cuba from Alicia Dede
    the MSM Never Publishes

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – The Disguised Socialism of Saul Alinsky

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” -Norman Thomas

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” — A look back on the life, ideal and works of 1960s Community Organizer & Activist Saul Alinsky, through the lens of a Catholic perspective — Order Your Copy here on DVD from EWTN Religious Catalog

An EWTN Special Presentation: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Saul Alinsky, Saturday 24 September, 6:00 PM ET/3:00 PM PT

A Look Back on the Life, Ideals and Works of 1960s Community Organizer and Activist Saul Alinsky Through the Lens of a Catholic Perspective

DNC Philadelphia Implodes – ‘Hillary The Inevitable’ in Trouble – Marxists Rally for Bernie

Bernie SupportersMarxist Revolutionary Communist Party “” Demonstrate for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia -Image: Dr Lynn Anderson

Bernie Sanders SupporterChaos Erupts at DNC — Bernie Supporter ‘Stop Hillary’ -Image: Majorie Haun

DNC WallFearful Dems ‘Build a Wall’ to Keep Out DNC Loyalists -Image: The Patriot

Dems Wave Hamas PA FlagDemocrats Wave Hamas/PA Flags at DNC Philadelphia -Image: Squirrel Hound

No American FlagsSpeaks Volumes About Democrats -Thanks Nikki Bennington

DNC PhillyAnother View — No American Flags Visible at DNC –Villi Wilson

Quotes From Fascists Hitler, ISIS & Marxist Stalin Appear in Pennsylvania High School Year Book

Fascist Quotes

(Daily Mail) Pennsylvania High School administrators lacked common sense and used egregious poor judgment, when it permitted quotes from Fascists Adolf Hitler, Islamic Jihadist Abu Bakr Al-baghdadi and Marxist Joseph Stalin to be published in this years Quaker Valley High School yearbook.

In a email to parents on Wednesday, Quaker Valley High School administrators ‘apologized’ for what they should have known before were “offensive” quotes published in the graduating class section of the yearbook distributed to students on Monday.

“This is a regrettable mistake, as the school district would never knowingly condone this messaging in a school-sponsored publication,” said in a statement executed by Supt Heidi Ondek and high school Principal Deborah Ricobelli — “We are aware of the emotions this has conjured in many of our students and families–for that we are very sorry.”

According to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review while the school administrators claimed to have “reviewed thoroughly” the content of the quotes, the “attributions clearly were not.”

Riiight…Sounds like double-talk.

Many comments from readers of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review evidence they are not nearly as gullible as school administrators may perceive people to be, as readers didn’t seem to be so willing to accept the high school administrators lame explanation either.

Readers Comments

Soft On Crime: Bernie Sanders Calls for Release of Convicted FALN Communist Terrorist

Bernie SandersSoft on Crime: Bernie Sanders Calls for Release of Convicted FALN Communist Terrorist Whose Served Less than Half of his Prison Sentence

(NY Times) Oscar Lopez Rivera was convicted in Chicago in 1981 of numerous charges including weapons violations and conspiracy to transport explosives with the intent to destroy government property, he was sentenced to 70 years in prison — Lopez Rivera refused to renounce terrorism and turned down President Clinton’s 1999 offer of clemency.

Out Of Touch! As The World Burns, Obama Yucks It Up With a Communist Dictator and Tangos With a Playboy Model

Obama Out of TouchThe Woman Obama Did the Tango With in Argentina Did a 2006 Photo-Spread in Playboy

(Daily Caller) Moro Godoy grabbed headlines when she Tangoed with an ‘Out of Touch’ Obama in Communist Argentina on Wednesday, the 43 yr old dancer’s performance wasn’t the first time she stepped into the international spotlight — back in 2006 she did a nude photo spread for Playboy.

“What the hell is wrong with President Obama,” Piers Morgan said. Why does he not seem to have a clue how to behave when major atrocities happen around the world? The ISIS terror attacks on Brussels were Belgium’s 9/11,” the Daily Mail reported. Obama in his capacity as President of the United States is supposed to be the ‘Leader of the Free World’ and therefore defacto leader of NATO – That alone should have demanded he immediately abandon his jolly in (Communist) Cuba, where he is (was) cosying up to a dictatorship and return to Washington to lead the global response with a powerful statement from the Oval Office — but Obama had other ideas.

Obama CastroObama Yucks It Up With Raul Castro Who Ordered Shoot Down of the ‘Brothers to the Rescue’
Planes in 1996
-Image Courtesy: Nerdy Wonka

Where oh where is the American leadership in the War on ISIS? What kind of message does it send to be yukking it up with Raul (Castro) asks the National Review as Belgian authorities are picking up body parts off the floor of the Brussels airport?