John Demjanjuk, may have Murdered a Jew Following Second World War


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Former Cleveland Auto Worker John Demjanjuk, does not appear to be quite as frail as he wants the public to think he is, the accused Sobibor Nazi Death Camp Guard is seen leaving a Court Room in Germany last month.

On the 06 April Demjanjuk was photographed getting into his car outside a medical clinic in Parma, Ohio but just one week later, Demjanjuk appears to weak to walk, when being removed from his home by federal agents before being deported to Germany to stand trial for war crimes.

New evidence has surfaced by Prosecutors in Germany that Demjanjuk, may have deliberately ran over and murdered a Jew in Ulm, Germany following the Second World War.

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Nazi Death Camp Guard John Demjanjuk, Formally Charged With 27,900 Counts Of Murder

John Demjanjuk ID Photos

Nazi SS Guard John Demjanjek, the former Cleveland, Ohio auto worker that lied to Immigration Authorities to illegally enter the United States, has been formally charged with 27,900 counts of being an accessory to muder.

German Prosecutors allege that Ivan John Demjanjek was a Nazi SS Guard at Sobibor in Nazi occupied Poland.

Demjanjek maintains his innocence and says that he was in the Soviet Red Army during World War Two and spent the war as a Geman POW

Photos of John Demjanjek Nazi SS Identification including fingerprints which do not lie.

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