Grounds for Excommunication? VP Joe Biden Officiates Gay Marriage of Two Male White House Staffers

Joe BidenDoes VP Joe Biden Face Excommunication?
Must a Priest Deny VP Joe Biden from Receiving Holy Communion?

Code of Cannon Law – Article 2  Cannon 916

  • Flashback:  In 2013 according to Catholic News Agency Pope Francis excommunicated an Australian Priest who advocated Gay Marriage — Should VP Joe Biden who has officiated a Gay marriage be excommunicated?

Obama Press Secy Josh Ernest: Islamic Fascist Iran Missile Tests Not a Violation of Nuke Deal

Iran Deal(Washington Times) White House Press Secy Josh Ernest tells reporters on Tuesday that Islamic Fascist Iran’s missile tests are “not a violation of the nuclear agreement with the U.S.

“We’re still reviewing the launch–to determine what the appropriate response is,” Ernest added.

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Missile Battery said according to Al Arabiya following their latest tests: “The reason we designed our missiles with a range of 2000 km (1200 miles) is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime (Israel) from a safe distance.”

V.P. Joe Biden in Israel at the time of Iran’s latest missile tests said the U.S. would take action against Iran, if long range missile tests Tehran said it carried out were confirmed.


In January, the Obama Administration hit Iran with fresh sanctions after missile tests–24 hours after separate sanctions related to Tehran’s nuclear activities had been lifted.

Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei and the Ayatollah’s don’t seem to be the least bit concerned about lightweight, lame duck Obama and his indecision.

Happy Labor Day 2015: Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force

Not in Labor Force(Zero Hedge) Record 94,031,000 Americans Not in Labor Force;
Labor Participation Anemic 68.8% –Image: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Obama Legacy Building: ISIS Captures Iraq Ramadi as Security Forces Cut-n-Run

Obama Legacy(NY Times) Another Key Iraqi City Falls to ISIS as Iraqi
Security Forces Cut-n-Run –Image Courtesy: Barackolypse

  • Remember in 2010 when VP Joe Biden claimed that the American people will see Iraq as an Obama Administration success story.

ISIS Executes 10 Physicians in Iraq After They Refused to Treat Wounded Jihadists

Obama’s Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice: While ISIS is Dangerous, Its Not of ‘Existential Nature’

Islamic Fascism

(Real Clear Politics) Obama’s Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice, in a speech today at ‘Brookings Institute’ claimed, that while ISIS is dangerous, its not a threat of ‘existential nature’ like World War II or the Cold War.

“Too often, what’s missing here in Washington is perspective,” Rice said. “Yes there is a lot going on, still while the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of existential nature of what we confronted during World War II or the Cold War. We can not afford to be buffeted by alarmism and a nearly instantaneous news cycle.”


Flashback: Remember When…

So Susan Rice and V.P. Joe Biden (October, 2014) claimed “American’s Face no Existential Threat” from Terrorism — I own some really nice Oceanfront property in the Mojave desert that I can let go cheap, if one is so gullible to believe the claims made by the Obama Administration with regards to Islamic Fascism?

VP Joe Biden on Obamanomics: “Past 6 Years Have Been Really, Really Hard for This Country”

Obamanomics 20151 in 5 American Children Rely on Food Stamps –Image: Phk Ken@Twitter

(Daily Caller) VP Joe Biden said the past 6 years have been really hard for the United States — Duh!

Referring to the national hardships of the period which he has been Vice President, Biden also noted the great struggle experienced by the Democratic Party.

“To state the obvious, the past six years have been really, really hard for this country and they’ve been really tough for our party, ” Biden said at the ‘House Democratic Caucus Retreat’ in Philadelphia.

Finally, a Democrat that will “state the obvious” in public with cameras rolling. — Wow, that’s a rarity.

Obama Administration: Don’t Read Anything Into Purchase of 34 Million Green Cards

You Can Not Fool All of the People...Soquel(CNSNews) Despite All of the Ample Evidence to the Contrary the Obama Administration Says You Can Trust Us On Immigration —Soquel Creek


Bozo Joe Biden at Harvard University Lists China as Part of North America

VP Joe Biden at HarvardBozo Joe at Harvard University Kennedy School of Govt –Image: WGBH

(Want China Times) VP Joe Biden mistakenly described China as part of North America last week at Harvard University.

After stating that North America is “literally–not figuratively  the epicenter of energy in the world today,” Biden went on to explain that “North America will account–meaning Mexico, China and Canada, for two-thirds of the growth of global energy supply over the next 20 years.”

Likewise while at Harvard University Biden claimed that Americans ‘face no existential threat’ from terrorism, to our way of life and national security.

I’m thinking that the family of 26 yr old Indiana Aid Worker Peter Kassig who ISIS Jihadist have threatened to behead next, likely do not agree with ‘Bozo Joe’s’ threat assessment.

Related: U.S. Hostage Kassig Letter: “I Am Scared to Die” –BBC

VP Biden: Americans ‘Face No Existential Threat’ From Terrorism — Tell That to the Families of Americans Beheaded by ISIS Jihadists

ISIS Threatens AmericanISIS Posted This Picture of Indiana Native Peter Kassig, Next to be Beheaded –Image: WTHR TV Indianapolis@Twitter

(The Hill) VP Joe Biden this week speaking on foreign policy at Harvard University claimed that Americans “face no existential threat” from terrorism.

“Let me say again. We face no existential threat–none to our way of life or our ultimate security.”

Tell that to the parents and family of Peter Kassig or to the Woman beheaded last week by Oklahoma Jihadist Alton Nolan, aka Jah’Keem Yisrael.