California Legislature Passes Extension of Gov Jerry Brown’s Cap-N-Tax Law

Keep Electing Liberal Democrats


VIA: Washington Times

California #1 in Nation of Homelessness – Gov Jerry Brown & Legislators to Receive Another Pay Raise

(Video) Homelessness On Rise in California – This Is What Happens When Democrats are in Charge and Gov Jerry Brown is More Concerned About Climate Change

This Is Why California Will Never Secede

Gov. Moonbeam Seeks Federal Disaster Aid From Trump Administration
for Oroville Spillway Disaster -Image Courtesy: Deplorable Betsy

 VIA: FOX 40 Sacramento

(Video) Insanity! California Loony Liberal Lefties Legalize Child Prostitution

Wishful Thinking Won’t End California’s Drought However Desalination Plants Along the Coastline Will

CaliforniaWishful Thinking Won’t End the California Drought Peter Gleick
However Desalination Plants Along the Coastline Will

DesalinationQuenching Your Thirst With Sea Water – Size Doesn’t Matter

California One of the Heaviest Taxed States in the Country – Lawmakers Push to Confiscate More Money from Job Creators

CA LawmakersCalifornia Already Heavily TaxedLiberals Push to Confiscate
Even More Money from Job Creators

Flashback: On the 05 April, I wrote here that California Human and Business Capital Exodus Widens — California has one of the Worst Business Tax Climates (only NY and NJ are worse) in the Nation.

So, Long Time Washington Establishment Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders, If Such a Good Idea Why Haven’t You Introduced Legislation…

Bernie SandersSen. Bernie Sanders, You’ve Been in Congress for 25+ Years If Such a Good Idea,
Why Haven’t You Proposed Legislation?

Bernie Sanders Minimum WageSen Bernie Sanders, Democrats Controlled Both Houses of Congress During the first Two Years of Obama’s First Term, If Such a Good Idea, Why Didn’t You and Your Colleagues Pass Legislation?

What Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) said to the Washington Post today about
Socialist-Democrat Sen Bernie Sanders and Why he Doesn’t Support Him…

  • “Bernie alienates his natural allies…his holier-than-thou attitude–saying in a very loud voice he is smarter than everyone else and purer than everyone else–really undercuts his effectiveness.”
  • “Bernie Sanders has been in Congress for 25 years with little to show for it in terms of his accomplishments and that’s because of the role he stakes out.”

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California Human & Business Capital Exodus Continues, Just Ask U-Haul

California Texas Trade GapU-Haul Rates Show Demand for Moving Vans Exiting California for Texas
are Much Higher than Vans Heading West –Investors Business Daily

Business TaxesCalifornia Ranks 48 (Only NY and NJ are Worse) as One of the Top Ten
Worst State’s for Business Taxes –Tax Foundation

California Sales TaxesCalifornia Ranks 1st in the Highest State & Local Income Tax in the Country –Tax Foundation

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San Francisco Based McKesson Corp Takes 1000 New Jobs to Texas -Dallas Morning News

Poverty Rate Jumps Among California Seniors -Sacramento Bee

By 2017 California May Have $7.2 Billion in Rainy Day Fund? Only If You Still Believe in Fairy Tales

CA Debt ClockCalifornia Present Day Debt Clock

(LA Times) California’s finances are reportedly in a “decidedly positive” position and by the Summer of next year analysts say, the state could have $7.2 Billion socked away in a rainy day fund.

“The state is enjoying very good fiscal health right now,” said Mac Taylor the state’s top legislative analyst in an interview. “It can withstand certain negative economic situations in the future.”

Only if one is gullible to believe such gobbledygook given its current $426+ Billion in debt but for those who still do ‘Believe’ California’s Fiscal Outlook by the Legislative Analyst’s Office — I have some prime ocean front property in the Mojave Desert that I can let go cheap.