(Watch) Palestinian Authority TV Propaganda: Accuses Israel of Supplying Drugs to Muslim Youth

Obama’s Bestie Iran Threatens Israel Again — Test Fires Missile Into Star of David

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brutal Attack in Jerusalem Which Claimed the Life of 23 Yr Old Border Officer Hadas Malka

(Watch) Holocaust Denying PA Mahmoud Abbas Openly Lied to Trump About Wanting Peace With Israel

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(Watch) Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump’s Call to “Drive Out” Support of Islamic Terrorism

Fatah Official Glorifies Abu Jihad – Planned Islamic Jihad Terrorist Attacks – 125 Murdered

Related: In Final Hours Obama Admin Sent Palestinian Authority $221 Million of Tax Dollars – AP

In Memory of the 6 Million Jews Whose Deaths Will Never Be Forgotten

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WikiLeaks Destroys Obama’s Denials – Reveals History of Wiretapping Friends & Rivals

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WikiLeakes: Obama Targeted American Allies German Chancellor Angela Merkel
and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Flashback: Obama Administration Chilling Effect on “Press Freedom”
Targeting FOX News and James Rosen

(Watch) Muslim Brotherhood Shill & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: Jews Were Behind 9/11

(Watch) David Horowitz Expose UC San Diego Muslim Students Assn Member True Beliefs

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Receives Much Warmer Welcome Today at the White House

Flashback: In 2010, 2012 and 2015 Barack Hussein Obama Snubbed Bibi Netanyahu