Remembering the 73rd Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

Aushwiitz Liberated‘We Have to Remember But Its Never Easy’ –Alberto Israel, Auschwitz Survivor –Image Courtesy: House GOP@Twitter

Socialist Left Riot in Paris Following Election

Video: Mysterious Floating City Allegedly Appears in Skies Over California, China & U.K.

Floating City(YouTube Video) Mysterious Floating City Appears in the Sky Over China, U.K. and Some Reports Say Allegedly California — I Didn’t See It

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Gulf Leaders Have ‘No Confidence’ in Obama’s Foreign Policy, Back Out of Camp David Summit

The Hammer(BBC) Gulf Leaders Snub Obama, Will Not Attend Summit of U.S. and
Allied Arab Leaders at Camp David This Week
Cartoon: A.F.Branco/Legal Insurrection

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Amnesty Intl: Boko Haram Jihadists in Nigeria Murder a Woman in Labor Delivering a Baby

Boko Haram‘Islam: Not Contributing Anything to Humanity In 1400 Years
Image Courtesy:

(NDTV) Boko Haram Jihadists murdered a Woman while she was in labor delivering a baby during its massacre in Baga on the shores of Lake Chad in NE Nigeria, last week.

According to Amnesty International A ‘witness described how Boko Haran were shooting indiscriminately killing even small children and a Woman who was in labor–Half of the baby is out and she died like this.’

In related news, Catholic Online reports, that Boko Haram Jihadists, launched a surprise raid across the border into Cameroon on Sunday abducting 80 people–more than half were children.

Boko Haram have usually carried out their attacks in Nigeria, having murdered thousands and abducting hundreds but in their efforts to establish a Caliphate, they have also attack Cameroon and Niger, numerous times through 2014

An Estimated 25,000+ Germans Rally Against Islam on Monday as Protests Grow

GermanyGermany is Rocked by Biggest Ever Anti-Islam Protests
George Kealey@Twitter

Germany ProtestsA Record 25,000+ People in Germany Attended Anti-Islam Protests
Alex Cam@Twitter

(CNN) Anti-Islam protesters gathered Monday in Germany Dresden, with some carrying names of those murdered in last weeks massacre at Charlie Hedob in Paris.

In this latest march–the 12th since October, Dresden Police say the number of people attending the anti-Islam rallies has increased from 350 demonstrators on the 20 October, an estimated 18,000 on the 05 January to 25,000+ on Monday.

On the 10 December, I wrote here that thousands of Germans have taken to the streets against what they say is the growing ‘Islamisation’ of the country–the protests begun in Dresden, features no neo-Nazi slogans and have nothing to do with the traditional far-right, instead the demonstrations have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German Communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago.

Obama a No Show of World Leaders at “Paris National Unity Rally” Against Islamic Fascism

Obama a No Show(Reuters) Where Oh Where is Obama Among World Leaders
at Paris Natl Unity Rally? –Image Courtesy:
Legal Insurrection@Twitter

Islamic Jihadists Massacre 12 at Offices of Paris ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Satirical Newspaper

Obama-on-Islam(White BHO: “So Let There Be No Doubt, Islam is Part of America–Islam has a Proud Tradition of Tolerance”

(FOX News) Islamic Jihadists dressed in black, storm the Paris offices of a ‘Charlie Hebdo’ a satirical newspaper known for lampooning the false prophet Mohammed, massacring 12 and injuring as many as 15 others before escaping–as many as three Jihadists were being sought following the 11:30 AM terrorist attack.

Charlie Hebdo publisher of marauding Muslim cartoons recently Tweeted a cartoon of ISIS Terrorist Thug Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Two policemen, several journalists, including the cartoonist behind the weekly publication’s satirical images were among the dead.

“We’ve avenged the honor of the Prophet,” the Islamic Jihad Fascists shouted according to witnesses.

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Yemeni Man Tortures and Murders his 10 Year Old Daughter in Honor Killing

Honor KillingsWorldwide Trends in Honor Killings –Image: CasoJi::Designs@Twitter

(Gulf News) A Yemeni father tortured and murdered his 10 yr old daughter for allegedly committing adultery–pictured on Yemeni social media, the photo is very graphic.

Shepherds in a rugged area in the northern province of Yemeni lbb, found the dead 10 year old.

Colonel Mohammad Qassem Al-Hadi, the Director of Dhamar’s Criminal Investigation Dept said that the girls father admitted that he brutally tortured and shot his young daughter four times with a rifle.

“We found a video clip in his mobile phone asking his daughter to confess her mistake. The girl was bleeding and crying,” Al-Hadi said.

The official told Gulf News that the father used different methods of torture including putting an iron to her skin, to force his daughter into admitting having sex with a man.

During the investigation, the man admitted that he threw his daughter off a cliff in the Samara Mountains in lbb province after severely beating her.

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ISIS Jihadists Kidnap 13 Christian Men in Libya

Christians Kidnapped by ISISChristians Kidnapped by ISIS Jihadists Last Year
Image: Aus Coptic Movement@Twitter

(UPI) At least 13 Coptic Christians were abducted from their homes by ISIS Jihadists in Libya.

According to the BBC 15 armed men in masks stormed a residential complex early Saturday, going room-to-room, forcing residents to show identification before separating Muslims and Christians, one witness said, the Jihadists handcuffed and took into custody 13 Coptic Christians, all reportedly men.

“They had a list of full names of Christians in the building. While checking IDs, Muslims were left aside as the Christians were grabbed,” Hanna Aziz told the Associated Press.

Flashback: Remember in June when Obama claimed “The world is less violent than it has ever been.” — Riiight…

Christians have specifically been singled out as targets, they include a Coptic couple and their daughters who were murdered in December, when an unidentified gunman burst into their home in the City of Sirte, about 220 miles southwest of Libya, Tripoli.

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