Leadership! President Donald Trump Promises Kept

Trump’s Immigration Pause Heads To Supreme Court

Functional Illiteracy – The Common Core GenerationĀ  -Image Courtesy: Ex-Dem Latina

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Mexican Flag Waving Liberals Demand Trump Supporters Leave a Latino Only Council Meeting in Cudahy, California

(Watch) Welcome to the Netherlands – Young Dutch Muslims Message to Christians: Convert or Die

CNN Brian Stelter Angered at FOX News for Covering Rockville High School Rape Case

(Judicial Watch) High School Rapists Entered U.S. as Unaccompanied Alien Children and Lived in Sanctuary County -Image Courtesy: Washington Examiner and Fox Nation

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ObamaCare Lite Would Allow Illegals to Obtain Health Insurance and Tax Credits

Thank You @House Freedom Caucus For Supporting Conservative Principles

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(Watch) Illegal Immigrants Charged in Rape of Maryland High School Student

Illegal Immigrant Who Had Been Deported 5 Times to Mexico Kills Young Mother in Los Angeles Car Crash

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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Give All Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship” Maybe She’d Like These Two MS-13 Thugs to Move-In With Her?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi Would Like to Have These Two MS-13 Thugs Move In With Her?

Illegals! MS-13 Gang Members Smile and Wave at Cameras During Texas Court Hearing on Satanic Murders