Sacrilege: Painting Depicts Obama as Crucified Jesus Christ

(FOX News) Sacrilege: A painting that features Barack Hussein Obama, posed as Jesus Christ crucified, went on display at Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery in Boston.

On the Monday I wrote here that actor Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Music Awards made outrageous comments about President Obama during an on-stage performance, referring to Obama as “our lord and savior.”

President Obama has perpetuated this mockery of Christianity remember in 2009 when Georgetown University at the request of the White House covered up the IHS monogram representing Jesus’ name ahead of Obama’s speech, drawing fire from the Cardinal Newman Society calling it as yet another example of a Catholic university sacrificing principle for prestige.

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Blasphemy: Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Music Awards Refers to Obama as “Our Lord and Savior”

Barack Hussein Obama False Messiah –

(The Blaze) Blasphemy: Actor Jamie Foxx made some outrageus comments about Barack Hussein Obama at the Soul Train Music Awards which aired last night, during an on-stage performance Foxx referred to Obama as “our lord and savior.”

“Thou shalt not have no other gods before Me.” –Exodus 20:3

“They that make a graven image are all of the vanity and their delectable things shall not profit and they are their own witnesses, they see not nor know, that they may be ashamed.” –Isaiah 44:9

Obama Bows Before Hindu Oil Lamp at the White House


President Obama and Hindu Priest Sri Narayanachar Digalakote, bowing down before Hindu Oil Lamp, Wednesday at the White House.

Hindu Rituals–Sanatana Dharma Holy Practices Lighting of an Oil Lamp: “…Light is a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing knowledge, brilliance, health and wealth…Hindu’s believe that by lighting lamps, they are inviting their favorites gods and goddesses into their hearts and dwellings.”

Exodus 23:24 “You shall not prostate yourself before their gods, you shall not worship them and you shall not follow their practices but you should tear them down and you should utterly destroy their monuments.”

More here from Yeshiva University Torah Online

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