A Prayer From an Unborn Child

Prayer Unborn Child“The Child in the Womb has the Right to Life Directly from God,
Not From any Society or Human Authority.” –Pope Pius XII

“A great prayer of life is urgently needed,
a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.”
Pope Saint John Paul II

H/T: Fr. Brad Sweet

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Remembering Tiananmen Square Massacre, 04 June, 1989 -Image: Aki Young


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Help Marc Zammit Make a Feature Film on Homelessness

Homeless Ashes created and produced by Marc Zammit and Aptitude Films is about a young man named “Frankie” running away from home, his past and his struggle to survive homelessness and being alone on the streets. 

This feature film will help raise awareness of the desperate state of homelessness while taking the audience on an inspiring and emotional roller-coaster, full of sensation and raw passion.

More on How You May Help here Homeless Ashes Feature Film -Indiegogo

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