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That’s When You Know Its Over


For Once We Agree On Something, Hillary Said It

(Watch) Liz Wheeler: Hillary Clinton Tweets “Republicans…They’re the Death Party”?!?!?!

Why Is Hillary Clinton Comparing Herself to Wonder Woman?

“Sorry but ‘strong’ Women don’t blame everyone but themselves for their failures.
No, that’s a sign of weakness…”

VIA: National Review Online

(Watch) Former FBI Director Comey Admits to Colluding With Obama’s AG Lynch Over Team Clinton Talking Points

(Watch) Bitter Hillary Clinton Meltdown Blames Election Loss On Misogyny

@5:40 Hillary Blames Misogyny —  50.8% of the U.S. Population are Women

(Watch) Liz Wheeler: We Finally Have Proof of Inappropriate Financial Dealings With Russia

Bitter Hillary Clinton Congratulates Globalist Macron – Whines About Media

Hillary Lashes Out At the Media

H/T: American Mirror

(Watch) Hillary Clinton Still Can’t Accept Responsibility, Plays the Blame Game For her Election Loss

Former DoD Asst Secy & Team Clinton Advisor Evelyn Farkas Admits to Spying and Leaking Trump Intelligence

Idiot! Ms. Farkas Should Have Consulted With an Attorney
Before Speaking to MSNBC

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