From Bad To Worse — Bernie Sanders ‘Medicare For All’ Prescription For Disaster

How Pray Tell Does Bernie Expect to Pay For Medicare For All? According to the Congressional Research Service 2016 Projections Medicare Will Run Out of Money in 11 Yrs

ObamaCare Rising Costs — What Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Don’t Want To Talk About

ObamaCare Individual Market Premium Changes: 2013 to 2017
-U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services

Video Flashback: Remember when Obama Pledged Americans Would be Able to Buy Health Ins
for Less Than Their Cell Phone Bill

Warren Buffett Endorses Single-Payer Health Care – Flashback: Ronald Reagan Speaks About the Dangers of Socialized Medicine

“Back in 1927 an American Socialist Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president of the Socialist Party ticket said the American people would never vote for Socialism but he said, under the name of Liberalism, the American people will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program…”

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Broken Promises! What Speaker Ryan Isn’t Telling You About ObamaCare Lite

Why Is Speaker Paul Ryan Lying to the American People
About his Three Prong Approach to Repealing & Replacing ObamaCare?

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GOP Leadership Finally Concedes, Delays ObamaCare Lite Vote – Flashback: Ronald Reagan on the Evils of Socialized Medicine

(ZeroHedge) ObamaCare Lite Fails to Correct ACA Disaster – Repeal & Replace

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ObamaCare Lite Would Allow Illegals to Obtain Health Insurance and Tax Credits

Thank You @House Freedom Caucus For Supporting Conservative Principles

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(Watch) The Sneaky Part of ObamaCare the Dinosaur Media & Democrats Will Never Tell You

(Watch) Dana Loesch on FOX Business Explain her Opposition to ObamaCare Lite

ObamaCare Lite — Cartoons Courtesy:

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CATO Institute Opposes Republican’s ObamaCare Lite

Republican Individual Mandate: Anyone Going Without Govt Mandated Health Insurance for Two Months Would be Assessed a 30% (TAX) Surcharge Penalty


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(Watch) How Direct Primary Care Works Better Between Physicians and Patients, Cutting Out Govt Bureaucrats and Ins Co’s Lowers Costs, Increases Quality of Care

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Are Fickle House Republicans Already Caving on Repealing & Replacing ObamaCare?

What Will President Trump Give or Take?
Has Mr. Trump Caved on Defunding All of Planned Butcherhood?

Where in the 123 Page House GOP Bill Does it Allow One to Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines, Permanently Eliminates the Cadillac Tax, Individual Mandate and Insurance Company Subsidies?

If a 26 Year Old is an “Adult” Why is the Govt Mandating
They Can Stay on Their Families Health Insurance?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Conservatives Won’t Accept ObamaCare Lite