Zero Hedge: Another Electric Car Co Bites the Dust — Chevy Volt to Go the Way of Aztek

Chevy Volt(Zero Hedge) Another Electric Car Company Bites the Dust –Chevy Volt
to Go the Way of Aztek Due to Plunging Sales –Image: NetNewsRightNow

Jiang Zemin Rumord Dead Following Absence Chinese Communist Party 90th Anniversary

CCP Youth League Parade Past Billboard of China Regime Dictators

On the 01 July, the 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party founding former China Regime Dictators were all present except for Jiang Zenin–Hong Kong media reports news of Jiang’s dying and that his personal influence has declined in recent years.

On the 17 May, I wrote here that Comrade Obama’s Govt Motors sponsored a film celebrating 90th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

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Government Motors CEO Pay Package Worth $9 Million

Obamamobile—$41,000 Boondoggle No One Will Buy

In April, Government Motors were running false and misleading ads, claiming to have paid the taxpayers back the Billions of Bailout Money “loaned” to them when in fact all they did was return $4.7 Billion Dollars to the Treasury by dipping into a separate pot of Bailout Money already owed to the taxpayers.

Are the taxpayers realizing a good return of their investment? Will GM actually manufacture affordable automobiles that the average American family will be interested in purchasing?

Sitting in the Obamamobile (Chevy Volt) with a $41,000 Dollar price tag less federal, state and local taxes, financing costs, insurance and maintenance–Service Stations may be unwilling to invest in the equipment necessary to repair electric vehicles, for there is no profit in it.

Are Electric Car manufacturing actually a good use of taxpayers money or just another government boondoggle?

Where will consumers go to recharge their electric vehicles? Much of the U.S. population do not live in large urban areas where recharging stations may one day exist, will the average American Consumer, actually be willing to wait 10 hours to fully recharge their electric vehicles from a standard outlet that only have a range of 40 miles?

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Government Motors: Embarrassing Impression & Appearance, China Shanghai World Expo

Matryoshik Dolls on display at the Russia Pavilion, at the China, Shanghai World Expo

Piece of wooden sculpture on display at the Africa Joint Pavilion at World Expo Park

Chocolate sculpture at the Belgium Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo

Traditional felt dolls on display at the Kyrgyzstan Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo

Copper statue on display at the Nepal Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo (Xinhua Photos)

Performance next to Government Motors SAIC-YeZ concept car at the GM Pavilion

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood rides in Government Motors EN-V Concept Car on Friday, at the China, Shanghai World Expo

Democrat-Socialist in Washington encouraging Government Motors to turn out these cars of the future—God help us.

Of course these are the same people that authorized spending $61 Million Dollars for the Expo, on the 04 May I wrote here Democrat-Socialists were criticized for spending an exorbitant amount of money in China, Shanghai for the World Expo

Shanghai World Expo Attendance has been lower than expected–Epoch Times

China expected that 70 million people would pass through Expo Park however with more than two weeks since Shanghai Expo opened, only about 3 Million people have been welcomed. Event organizers concede that unless something pretty dramatic happens, there will be a lot of disappointed people.

Visitors have been critical of the event as Chinese authorities have been shutting down bars.

More here Day 17 Via Shanghai Expat

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GM Pays Back Taxpayers (Again) With Taxpayers Money

A faded “Government Motors Co” logo that was painted on a wall of a Chicago Dealership

Government Motors Chairman & CEO Ed Whitacre seated next to Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner at the Dept of Treasury, whooping it up last week, after the nationalized auto company
claimed that they have paid back a $5.8 Billion Dollar Loan “…in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule.”

Riiight—Nothing but a Taxpayer Rip-Off:

Government Motors pays back taxpayers (again) with taxpayers dollars.

On the 19 November, I wrote here that Government Motors began paying back bailout money with taxpayers dollars.

Xiao-Mei contributed to this post–Xiexie

Government Motors Goofy New Design Model in China

Government Motors along with their China Partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry display an EN-V or “Electric Networked-Vehicle” during an event to unveil its latest goofy design “Concept Vehicle” yesterday in China, Shanghai

New “Concept Vehicles” unveiled in Shanghai on Wednesday—one would definitely not want to hit by a truck while or have any type of accident while operating these death traps.

More here from Government Motors Media–Europe

Effectiveness of Obama’s Auto Bailouts

Government Motors CEO Whitiacre receives $9 Million Dollar Pay Package while the taxpayers are owed billions.

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The American Taxpayers are being taken for a ride.

GM To Repay Bailout Money With Bailout Money

Government Motor Co.

Government Motors announced that they intend to begin paying the taxpayers back with taxpayers money.

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Bailed Out Auto Co’s may never repay TARP

Government Motors Corp.

Government Motors & Chrysler Corp. may never repay TARP money loaned to them according to Treasury Dept. officials.

Was there really ever any reasonable expectations that the auto giants that have now been nationalized, would ever meet their financial commitments made to the American Taxpayers?

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