California Legislature Passes Extension of Gov Jerry Brown’s Cap-N-Tax Law

Keep Electing Liberal Democrats


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Now Liberal Snowflakes Suffering From PTSD Due to Climate Disruption

According to CBS News Washington in May 2014 Global Warming/Climate Change
i.e. Change in Seasons, Should Now be Referred to as “Climate Disruption”

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Where Can Loony Liberal Snowflakes Find a Support Group?


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Duped: ClimateGate 2 — NOAA Whistleblower Says World Leaders Fooled By Manipulated Global Warming Data

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Obama’s Climate Change Fantasies – China’s Not Following the Same Playbook

potusJust Because POTUS Obama Says It, Doesn’t Make It So

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Snipe Hunt: Obama Preps for Climate Change Talks in China Ahead of G-20

PRC TrashObama & Beijing are Not Following the Same Play Book –Sea Shepherd HK

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  • Flashback: On the 22 August I republished here an open letter by Chinese Human Rights Defenders to the leaders of G-20 nations: “Don’t Ignore China’s Worsening Human Rights” — On 07 April I wrote here the China regime collectively sentenced 6 Human Rights Defenders to 20.5 yrs in prison.

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Henan Human Rights Defender Xing Wangli Sentenced to 4.5 Yrs (Chinese)

Hillary Tweets More Lies About Zika Funding — Obama Raided $500M for Zika Research to Finance UN Green Climate Fund

HRCLying Hillary Just Can’t Stop Lying About Zika Funding

  • Flashback: On the 18 June I wrote here that a week earlier, The Washington Free Beacon reported that Obama raided $500M from foreign aid money that could have been used for Zika research to finance the United Nations Green Climate Change Fund

In May, Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) writing in The Daily Signal about Obama’s shenanigans with taxpayers money to give away for the UN Green Climate Fund said:

ZikaZika 2Zika 3

Lies – Hillary Tweets Lies About Zika — Obama Raided $500 Million for Zika to Finance UN’s Climate Change Fund

Hillary ZikaHillary Clinton its not the GOP Congress to blame as the Daily Signal reported in May — Obama siphoned $500 Million from foreign aid that could have been used for Zika research to finance the UN’s Green Climate Change Fund

More here from The Washington Free Beacon

Egypt Air #804: Trump is Correct — Flashback: Remember When Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Claimed ‘Climate Change’ is Our Biggest Threat

Donald TrumpGOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is Correct — Democrats are Soft on Terrorism

Flashback: On Monday, Socialist/Democrat Bernie Sanders Tweeted calling for the release of convicted FALN Communist Terrorist Oscar Lopez Riveria & both Loony Liberal Lefties Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton claim that ‘Climate Change’ is the Biggest Threat Facing Our Nation and the World.

(Video) Hillary Clinton: Climate Change Is Our Biggest Threat — ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Brussels Terrorist Attack

(ABC News) ISIS Claims Responsibility for Brussels Terrorist Attack, 34 Confirmed Dead,
At Least Three Americans Critically Injured

EPA Wastes $295,507 To Track Energy and Water Usage of Commercial Office Workers

EPAEPA Torture Report -Courtesy: AF Branco Cartoons

(WFB) EPA has authorized a contract of $295,507 to develop technology to track energy and water usage of office workers.

Lucid Design Group a Oakland, CA software company was awarded the technology contract the EPA said in a press release on Thursday saying, “Lucid is focused on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings by influencing peoples behavior–The technology seeks to reduce peak electricity demand and associated utility bill costs through ambient color-based visual messaging, balancing energy usage and occupant comfort.”

“Funded through EPA’s ‘Small Business Innovation Research Program’ the contracts provide companies up to $300,000 (of taxpayers money, I digress) to further develop and commercialize their products and ideas,” the agency said.

In November, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the EPA announced grants for $1.75 million, through its Healthy Communities Grant Program, to curb ‘climate change’ by teaching adults how to write a grocery list.

Flashback: Remember in December 2013 when Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “The cupboard is bare,” speaking of cuts in the federal budget, “there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important that people understand that.”