Sen. Barbara Boxer Denies History: Obama & Dem Senate Opposed Black Female Conservative Judge

U.S. $19+ Trillion Debt — Remember When Obama Said Bush ‘Unpatriotic’ for Adding $4 Trillion to Natl Debt

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock TodayFederal Deficit Was $10.626 Trillion
When Obama Took Office

Flashback: Remember when Sen Obama called then President Bush “Unpatriotic” for adding $4 Trillion to the Federal Deficit in 8 years

John ‘Spanky’ Roberts Gift to Libs by George Bush, Do You Want Another Bush in The White House?

John Spanky RobertsChief Justice John ‘Spanky’ Roberts a Gift to Liberals
Who Keeps on Giving –Image: PolitiCat


Mr. Obama: This Is Your Legacy

Flashback: Remember When Sen Obama Ripped Bush for Being Unprepared for Avian Flu Pandemic

Ebola Virus(HotAir)  Flashback: Senator Barack Obama Ripped Bush for Being Unprepared for Avian Flu Pandemic –Image: Amy Mek@Twitter

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ISIS Using Christian’s Homes Seized as Bomb Factories

21st Century Holocaust21st Century Holocaust: Iraqi Christian’s Property Marked by ISIS Just as Jewish Ones Were by the Nazi’s –Image Courtesy: Assyrienne@Twitter

(AINA) A number of Iraq Mosul residents are reporting that ISIS is turning Christian’s homes they’ve seized into bomb factories–another resident said that ISIS is using a Christian home in a Hadbaa neighborhood for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices.

-Christian’s Were Not Being Slaughtered During President Bush’s Watch-

IraqFlashback: Remember when Obama said, “We’re leaving behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self-Reliant Iraq

Obama’s Approval Highest Among Muslims 72% Rest of the Nation 41%

Obama Image of the DayObama Image of the Day –Courtesy of Lori Hendry@Twitter

(Politico) Isn’t it ironic that Obama’s public approval rating is highest among Muslims at 72% according to a Gallup poll released today, compared to the rest of the nation at 41% according to a Real Clear Politics average–matching George Bush in September, 2006

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NAACP Asks Secret Service & Dept of Justice to Investigate Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown

Rodeo Clowns Wore Bush FacesRodeo Clowns Wore George Bush Mask in 1995 –Dark Star/Twitter

(Breitbart) Today the NAACP issued a statement asking for a federal investigation of the Rodeo Clown that wore the Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair and asked the crowd if they’d like to see Obama run down by a bull?

“The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against  our (thin skinned) President are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Dept of Justice…Incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances and outdoor events in general speaks volume to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved with the incendiary events at the Missori State Fair,” wrote Missouri NAACP President Mary Ratliff.

Where is the moral outrage of the NAACP and demands of federal investigations of the death wishes and nastygrams of George Bush via Twitter subsequent to his recent heart surgery or the double standard by the race hustlers Rev’s Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, that have said nothing about the horrible beating on a school bus in Florida by three Black thugs who targeted one 13 year old Caucasian boy?

Crickets Chirping…

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George Bush’s Heart Surgery Brings Out Death Wishes & Nastygrams

Obama Axes AIDS Relief Funding to Church in South Africa

Obama Parables for the Progressive Era

(NC Register) Most everyone knows how really efficient inefficient government is at doing anything, which is why one must ask, why is the Obama Administration changing a program that has worked effectively for a decade?

The Obama Administration has quietly stopped funding AIDS–relief programs in South Africa organized by the Catholic Church, handing the money instead over to the government.

President George W Bush launched ‘President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief’ (PEPFAR) in 2003 which enabled money to go directly to the hands of field operators–many of whom belonged to the Catholic Church.

The program which has been supporting AIDS relief by the South African Bishops Conference for 10 years will end in June, 2014 and instead money will be given to the country’s Natl (Socialistic) Health Care System.

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