Thousands Turn Out for NYC Stop Iran Rally — Democrats, Do You Hear Americans Now?

Stop Iran Rally(Breitbart Live Video) ‘Stop Iran Rally Took Over Times Square
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Jewish Lives MatterBarack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton & Congressional Democrats:
Jewish Lives Matter –Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

Stop Iran Rally NYCThousands Protest Obama’s Nuke Deal with Islamic Fascist Iran
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Stop Iran Rally NYC...Thousands in NY Times Square Say:
‘Remember 9/11 — Remember Islamic Terror —
Stop Iran Now!
Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

Obama’s Watch: Iran Gets the Bomb

The Missing LinkIslamic Fascist Iran’s Nuke Program — The Missing Link
Cartoon: Branco/Legal Insurrection

Iran’s Fascist Dictator Khamenei: Muslims Have Aversion to Zionist Regime Israel — USA Masterminded Al-Qaeda & ISIS

Khamenei TweetsA Leopard Doesn’t Change his Spots –Image Courtesy: Arsen Ostrovsky

(Tasnim) Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei on Saturday said:

“Muslims have an aversion to the Zionist regime of Israel…In cooperation with ill-suited individuals in a number of Islamic governments, the arrogant powers have masterminded religious wars and created criminal organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) in order to draw the Islamic nations away from (the battle against) the Zionist regime (Israel).”

  • Remember These 9/11 Victims — According to Ayatollah Khamenei
    They’re Fictional and Al-Qaeda & ISIS are Imaginary
    Image Courtesy: Library of Congress

September 11 Victims

H/T: Breitbart

While Obama & Kerry Push Forward on Deal With Iran, Khamenei Leads ‘Death to America’ Chant

Iran KhameneiIran’s Grand Islamic Fascist Wizard Ayatollah Khamenei

(Rueters) Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameni on Saturday rejected Obama’s and Secy of State John Kerry’s claims that Tehran will be pressured and give into the demands of the United States and other Western nations.

Amid shouts of ‘Death to America’ Kahameni said in his speech in Northeastern Iran: “Of course yes, Death to America because America is the original source of this pressure. They insist on putting pressure on our dear peoples economy. What is their goal? Their goal is to put the people against the system.”

Khamenei challenged a message to Iranians by Obama in Fasrsi on Thursday in which Obama said the nuclear talks represented the best opportunity in decades to pursue relationship between the two countries.

In related news, ‘Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran’ is reporting this morning that Roozbeh Karamjani, who has been imprisoned for insulting the Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei leadership, has been transferred to Ward 6 of Rajai Shahr Prison for informing the media of his condition.

Ward 6 of Rajai Shahr Prison is one of the most unsanitary wards of the prison where the most dangerous prisoners with heavy sentences are kept.

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Help Save 26 Yr Old Iranian Rape Survivor Reyhaneh Jabbari, Tortured & Sentenced to Death

Save Reyhaneh Jabbari From Execution in IranSave Reyhaneh Jabbari From Execution in Iran@Facebook

Iranian Women...Iranian Women are Second Class Citizens–Protests Against Forced Wearing of the Hijab –Image: Secular Academy

(Al Arabiya) 26 year old Reyhaneh Jabbari is awaiting her public execution after already serving 7 years in prison for her alleged crime of killing a member of the Islamic Fascist Iranian intelligence service Morteza Sarbandi, a sexual predator in self-defense when she was just 19 years old.

Reyhaneh tortured by Iranian authorities until she confessed to the “murder” of Morteza, has been sentenced to death by hanging.

A Facebook page has been set up (written in Arabic) together with an online petition (in English) with 149,000+ signatures to “Save Reyhaneh Jabbari from Execution in Iran.”

While Reyhaneh Jabbari’s death sentenced has been temporarily delayed, she may be hanged at anytime.

In 2013 Asieh Amini, one of Iran’s most famous Women’s rights activists who has been fighting the Islamic Fascist regime’s judicial system which ‘systematically discriminates’ against Women, recalled a case that would change her life.

Working as a journalist Amini remembered 16 yr old Atefeh Sahleh who had been raped regularly since the age of 10, she was given money to shut her up–later Sahleh was jailed for prostitution which the Iranian regime called “extramarital sex”and subsequently sentenced her to death by stoning.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani which the Obama Administration insists is a moderate that they can work with, claims that arbitrary executions are “God’s Commandment”  since Rouhani took office, there have been more than 700 execution in Iran.

More here from NY Daily News

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Iran Cleric: Women Wearing Immodest Clothing Cause Earthquakes

Islamic Fascist Iran: Our Hands Remain on the Trigger to Destroy Every Spot in Israel

Iran General Threatens to Destroy IsraelIranian Lieutenant Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami

(Arutz Sheva) Iranian Senior Commander of the ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ this week said according to the FARS News Agency:

“Today, we can destroy every spot which is under the Zionist regime’s control with any volume of fire power right from here…Islam has given us this wish, capacity and power to destroy the Zionist regime so that our hands will remain on the trigger from 1400 km away for the day when such an incident takes place.”

During his SOTU speech in January, Obama reiterated his veto threat of any new sanctions bill approved by Congress as the Obama Administration naively believes that they can somehow, negotiate a nuclear deal with the Islamic Fascist Iranian regime.

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Obama Administration Says Negotiations with Iran Still “Appropriate” After Discovery of Weapons Shipment to Hamas in Gaza

Iranian Weapon to HamasIsrael Intercepts Iranian Weapons Being Sent to Hamas –Image: Swsmr

(Times of Israel) The Obama Administration reiterated their plans to continue negotiations with Islamic Fascist Iran even after the discovery today of a weapon-laden ship traveling to Hamas terrorists in Gaza from Iran.

The Obama Administration acknowledged today that Iran is a major state-sponsor of terrorism but never no mind, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that negotiations with Iran are still “appropriate” in its attempt to reach a deal with Iran regarding nuclear weapons.

IDF Chief of Staff General Benjamin Gantz said during a press conference today just a few hours after the discovery of the Iranian weapons which included powerful M-302 rockets, that this shipment was only one in a long line of Iranian attempts to fuel terrorism in the region.

In the same week that the IDF intercepted Gaza bound weapons from Iran, Breitbart reports President Obama has asked Congress to slash funding for Israel’s missile defense programs by nearly $200 Million in FY 2015 budget proposal, prompting concerns from Congress who have fought to keep the critical defense programs fully funded.

More here from The Washington Free Beacon

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Obama Foreign & Domestic Policy Based on How he Believes World Should Operate, Than Reality

Obama Foreign PolicyNaive Obama Getting Spanked for Weak Foreign Policy
Image: Dorothy Carter@Twitter

(Washington Post) President Obama has led a foreign and domestic policy agenda based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality–this is evident in Obama’s “miscalculations” in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine…

While foreign policy crisis’s continue erupting on Obama’s Watch, today the Obama Administration forges ahead with its Progressive, domestic green agenda of a narrow, isolationist view of their responsibilities, announcing new stricter EPA regulations, further weakening an already overly regulated, anemic, struggling U.S. economy, which further emboldens our adversaries throughout the world.

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EPA Moves Against Alaska Gold Mine Project to Protect Fishies

Obama Appoints Green Group Scientist EPA Integrity Official

EPA Regs Shutter New England’s Largest Coal Plant

Obama’s Climate Plan Calls for Making Excess Carbon a Crime

H/T: FOX Nation

While Obama Negotiates With Islamic Fascist Iran in Geneva, Iranian State TV Airs Documentary About Missile Attack on Israel

The Real Face Of IranWhile Obama & Secy of State John Kerry Plays ‘Patty Cakes’ With Islamic Fascist Iran –Image: Soren Von Krogh@Twitter

(Ynet News) While the United States is negotiating with Islamic Fascist Iran the Iranian State Television broadcast a simulated missile attack on Israel.

The hour long documentary program included segment about the capabilities of Iranian missiles and the very real possibility of their use in response to foreign threats. The program included a video simulation of a potential response by the Iranian regime to an air strike by our best friend in the Middle East Israel.

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Emergency Committee for Israel Statement on Reported Iran Deal

Netanyahu Slams Obama Admin Over ‘Grievous Historic Error’

Outrage Over Potential U.S.-Iran Deal, Saudi’s Declare Arms Race

Nuke Agency, Iran Can Make Bomb

iran nukes

Experts at the  worlds top nuclear atomic watchdog are in agreement that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on its way in developing a missile delivery system able to carry an atomic warhead.

More here from Ynet News

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