Will Obama at APEC Summit Address China Regime Dismal Human Rights Record With Xi Jinping?

China...China Human Rights Activist Hu Jia Seen Standing By a Window Supporting Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Image: BBC@Twitter

(BBC)  Human Rights groups are calling on world leaders to raise the issue of ‘Human Rights’ in China during the ‘Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’ (APEC) Summit.

Amnesty International says that 76 people have been detained arrested by the China regime during the past few weeks for supporting the “Freedom Movement” in Hong Kong.

BBC reporter Martin Patience attempted to visit the home of Hu Jia in Beijing but was turned away by authorities.

On the 06 November, Radio France Intl reported (in Chinese) that China Dictator Xi Jinping now says that is time to reverse Deng Xiaoping’s “One Country Two System’s” policy.

Obama reportedly will be addressing with Xi Jinping concern of  their cyber-espionage on the United States but will he also bring up China regime’s human rights abuses, their inhumane treatment of Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng, Activist Liu Xiaobao and many, many others?

China Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng Malnourished & Unintelligible After Imprisoned

Gao ZhishengChina Regime Imprisoned Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng for Zealously Representing his Persecuted Clients–How he Has Aged is Shocking !

China Human Rights Atty Gao ZhishengIn 2009 I posted this picture of Gao Zhisheng holding his son Tianyu taken before Gao’s disappearance from his home in Shanxi

(RFA Chinese) Gao’s spouse Geng He: ‘I don’t accept the CPC’s Sentencing–Its his right to return home, subsequent to his release from a China prison.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports today, that Gao is still being prevented from obtaining medical care despite his “broad range” of physical and mental health problems.

In March, 2009 I wrote here and here about Geng He and her two children, that fled to the United States seeking political asylum (which was subsequently granted) following years of torture and politically persecution by the China authorities, unfortunately much of the main stream media has ignored this story over the years mainly because it doesn’t fit their narrative of a so called ‘Progressive China’ instead of referring to it as a oppressive, totalitarian Communist regime.

More here China Rights Lawyer Malnourished After Prison –Yahoo News

Gao Zhisheng Wife Geng He Seeks Help To Free Husband From China Regime Persecutors

Human Rights Activists Protest Unlawful Detention of Gao Zhisheng

My husband Gao Zhisheng is a renowned lawyer in China, he has always fought for the rights of his clients, and he has always tried his best to provide free service to the poor.

Money and power can never seduce him, the evil and dark forces can never coerce him to give in, he has been promoting justice, righteousness and human rights to Chinese people, making use of his role as a lawyer. Gao’s sense of justice and his outstanding eloquence have even moved the hearts of judges in the Chinese Communist system.

However such a great lawyer who wholeheartedly served the people is (being) oppressed and brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist authorities.

Rest here by Geng He –Please Help Free My Husband Gao Zhisheng

Chinese Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng, Missing Again

Prominent Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng, has been reported to have gone missing again subsequent to his release from Police custody on 28 March

Gao went on a trip to visit his father-in-law in Xinjiang, arrested by Police Gao was put on an airplane and sent back to Beijing and hasn’t been heard from since.

More here from New Tang Dynasty Television

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Chinese Human Rights: Help to Free Gao Zhisheng

Guo Guoting, a prominent Human Rights Attorney in China has written an Open Letter to the 16 year old daughter of Chinese Human Rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng who has been hospitalized since her recent failed suicide attempt.

Gao Zhisheng, (second from left) is pictured here including Chinese Human Rights Attorneys, demanding the release of Gao and other Chinese dissidents.

Since Gao’s daughter was 13 years old and up until last year since she fled to the United States along with her little brother Tianyu and Mother Geng He, seeking political asylum Gao’s family were continually harassed and intimidated by Chinese Authorities and this stress along with the uncertainties about her father had taken their toll.

Chinese demonstrators call for the release of Gao Zhisheng, convicted for”subversion against the state” Gao had been given a suspended sentence for 3 years, placed under house arrest along with his family and put on probation for five years. Chinese Authorities subsequently kidnapped Gao from his home, he has not been heard from since.

More here from The Epoch Times

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Human Rights Activist Zhao Shiying, unlawfully detained by Chinese Authorities
Via TV New Zealand

Ignoring Christian Oppression in China Via Front Page Magazine

Hilary Clinton tells China “Money is more important than human rights.” Via CNN

Gao Zhisheng Wife Appeals to Obama to address Chinese Human Rights Abuses

Gao Zhisheng with his Son

Gao Zhisheng, Chinese Human Rights Lawyer along with his son Tianyu. Gao’s whereabouts are presently unknown, kidnapped by Chinese authorities from his home in Shanxi on the 04 February and not seen since.

Gao had been detained previously after writing 3 open letters to China’s top leaders as well as the U.S. Congress, urging Chinese leaders to cease persecution of Christian’s and Falun Gong Practitioners . In 2007 Gao writes  of My account of more than 50 days of torture in 2007 “…that PRC authorities increasing degree of brutality and coldness of the Chinese people…is the direct result of appeasement…” Gao’s letter was released on the 09 February, 2009 five days subsequent to his illegal detention.

Geng He, Gao’s wife fled China with her children and arrived safely in the United States after receiving political asylum, on the 25 March I wrote here about the Heng He interview, banned in China which the PRC authorities don’t want you to hear.

More here Gao Zhisheng Wife Appeals to Obama Via The Epoch Times

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Chinese Human Rights Activist May Be Jailed For Writing Letter To Obama

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Money Is More Important Than Chinese Human Rights

Chinese Human Rights Activist May Be Jailed For Writing Letter To Obama

Yang Zili

Yang Zili has previously served 8 years in a Chinese prison for subverting state authority an overly used broad term often times used to detain Chinese Human Rights Activists several well known human rights activists have been imprisoned by Chinese Authorities. Yao Fuxin and Xiao Yunliang, from Liaoyang, were detained after peaceful demonstrations and the organization of Independent Workers Congress. In March 2002 Yao and Xiao, were sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Gao Zhisheng remains missing in China, having been detained and tortured by authorities. Last year I wrote that PRC authorities have detained Hu Jia and in December I wrote that PRC detained Liu Xiaobo for organizing academic professionals calling for Democratic and Legal reforms.

Chinese Activist Yang Zili, faces arrest for writing a letter to President Obama Via China Digital Times

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Help Free Zhiwen Wang, Another moment is a moment too long!