(Watch) FOX News Jesse Watters Interviews Antifa Member

Wannabe Virginia Assassin James T. Hodgkinson Was a Bernie Sanders Supporter & Fascist From a Review of His Facebook Posts

(Watch) Once Again It Happens! Liberal Fascists Shout Down Robert Spencer, Univ of Buffalo Administration Does Nothing

University of Buffalo Permit Hecklers to Censor Jihad Watch Robert Spencer on Monday


(Watch) Welcome to the Netherlands – Young Dutch Muslims Message to Christians: Convert or Die

Religion of Peace: ISIS Thugs Chuck Gay Men Off Buildings to Their Deaths – LGBT Community & MSM Silence


  • Flashback: On the 15 January, 2015  I posted photos here of ISIS executing two men for allegedly being Gay by throwing them off tall buildings — Where’s the moral outrage by the LGBT community and Liberal Elitists?

History Repeating Itself – Secy of State John Kerry Didn’t Learn Anything from Chamberlain & Hitler

@Secy of State John Kerry: Arab Muslims Could Choose to Live Peaceably With Israel

Music Video Celebrates Suicide Bombings
“Strap on an Explosive Belt…Turn Them Into Body Parts”

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Thousands Rally in Gaza for Hamas Anniversary -Al Jazeera

ISIS Savages in Iraq Murder People in Front of Young Boy & Force Him to Shoot Man in the Head

ISIS Calls For New Attacks In the West, All Non-Muslims “Legitimate Targets”

Fr. Jacques Hamel Celebrating Morning Mass Martyred in France By Islamic Jihadist, Why Would Anyone Want to Ban Muslims?

PriestThe 84 Yr Old Priest was celebrating morning Mass when he was martyred by two Islamic Jihadists that stormed the Church forcing him to his knees and slit his throat in France Rouen  -Image Courtesy: AFP/BBC


Angelus 1

Religion of Peace Strikes Again! Islamic Jihadist Kills 50 In Orlando, At Least 53 Injured

Religion of PeaceIslamic Intolerance: 50 People Dead After Islamic Jihadist Opens Fire Inside Gay Nightclub -Image Courtesy: Business Insider/ABC News

(Wall Street Journal)