Obama’s Last Minute EPA Rules Push Regulatory Costs Past $1Trillion – $3,080 Per Person

epa-cartoonObama Still Has 50 Days Left in Office To Impose Even More Nuttier Govt Regulations

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EPA Wastes $295,507 To Track Energy and Water Usage of Commercial Office Workers

EPAEPA Torture Report -Courtesy: AF Branco Cartoons

(WFB) EPA has authorized a contract of $295,507 to develop technology to track energy and water usage of office workers.

Lucid Design Group a Oakland, CA software company was awarded the technology contract the EPA said in a press release on Thursday saying, “Lucid is focused on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings by influencing peoples behavior–The technology seeks to reduce peak electricity demand and associated utility bill costs through ambient color-based visual messaging, balancing energy usage and occupant comfort.”

“Funded through EPA’s ‘Small Business Innovation Research Program’ the contracts provide companies up to $300,000 (of taxpayers money, I digress) to further develop and commercialize their products and ideas,” the agency said.

In November, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the EPA announced grants for $1.75 million, through its Healthy Communities Grant Program, to curb ‘climate change’ by teaching adults how to write a grocery list.

Flashback: Remember in December 2013 when Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “The cupboard is bare,” speaking of cuts in the federal budget, “there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important that people understand that.”


Lame Duck Obama Wanting to Stay Relevant to Issue New EPA Regs to Take Effect After his Term

Obama Lame Duck(NY Times) Obama is set to announce sweeping new EPA Regs mandating ‘the first ever federal limits on power plant emissions’ according to Market Watch that are intended to cut emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030

The new EPA rule also demands that power plants use more renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power–states will be expected to submit an initial version of their ‘plans’ by next year. — Already, the ‘State of Indiana’ together with Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have indicated that they will reject Obama’s latest initiative.

White House officials concede that Obama’s latest EPA mandates to address his fears of ‘global warming’ are a part of his legacy building.

There are certain doubts that these new Obama imposed mandates will ever actually survive in the version to be unveiled today. Already more than a dozen states and the coal industry have vowed to sue the EPA, those cases will ultimately go unresolved though Obama’s waning days as president and the next administration may very well rescind Obama’s latest grandiose legacy building directives.

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Obama’s EPA Proposes Extreme Air Quality Standards

Cost of EPA RegsCost of EPA Regs: 336,000 Mfg Jobs in One Year –Heritage Foundation

(Daily Signal) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its proposed new standard on ground level ozone which allegedly is a component of smog–every 5 yrs, the EPA is required by law to review and if appropriate release these standards.

In 2008 the EPA issued an ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) the new standard proposed by the EPA would decrease that level to 65 to 70 ppb though the EPA is considering an even lower standard of 60 ppb.

The National Association of Manufacturers has said a 60 ppb would be the costliest regulation in U.S. history according to a new study conducted by NERA Economic Consultants which reveals that the new EPA ozone regulation from the Obama Administration may cost $270 Billion annually and place millions of more good paying American jobs at risk.

On the 13 November, 2013 I wrote here thanks to Obama’s EPA and California’s disastrous environmental regulations which resulted in the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs, air pollution actually increased by as much as 35% together with wholesale electrical prices.

The Columbus Dispatch reported in June, 2011 that because of Obama’s proposed EPA clean air rules they would be scuttling 11 coal burning power plants, costing 600 jobs and consumers would face an increase in electricity costs ranging from 10 to 15% over the subsequent 5 years.

In another example of Obama’s EPA over-regulation in July 2010 the EPA announced that it would be cracking down on farm dust.

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Now Its the EPA’s Turn: We Can’t Find Documents Sought in FOIA Lawsuit

Obama LiesAnother Day — Another White House Cover Up –Image: Last Great Stand

(Washington Free Beacon) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said in court filings this week, that it may have lost text messages from former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, that it was required to preserve pursuant to federal law.

When have we heard that whopper before?

The ‘Competitive Enterprise Institute’ (CEI) a Conservative think-tank filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law suit last year against the EPA seeking text messages which CEI alleged evidenced that McCarthy and other EPA officials skirted the law.

Flashback: Remember when Obama and the IRS made misleading statements to Congress and the American people about the destruction of missing emails from former IRS official Lois Lerner, who was permitted to retire instead of being terminated in September, 2013

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U.S. 9th Circuit Court Favors the 3″ Long Delta Smelt Over People

California Hunger Games

No Water for Irrigation + No Farming Jobs = Higher Food Costs and Hunger –Cartoon Image: Michael Mikolajczak@Twitter

(Enviro.BLR) California Environmentalists are praising a unanimous decision from the 9th U.S. Circuit Ct (the nations most overturned Appellate Court) in the matter under the caption of NRDC -v- Jewell, Case No. 09-17661 favoring the 3″ long Delta Smelt over people.

In 2009 The Wall Street Journal reported thanks to draconian water rules, the Obama Administration’s EPA regulations to save the Delta Smelt, together with Gov Jerry Brown’s disastrous environmental law suits one of America’s premier agricultural regions is suffering from a drought made worse by government–the recent 9th U.S. Circuit decision isn’t going to improve things anytime soon.

Obama Foreign & Domestic Policy Based on How he Believes World Should Operate, Than Reality

Obama Foreign PolicyNaive Obama Getting Spanked for Weak Foreign Policy
Image: Dorothy Carter@Twitter

(Washington Post) President Obama has led a foreign and domestic policy agenda based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality–this is evident in Obama’s “miscalculations” in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine…

While foreign policy crisis’s continue erupting on Obama’s Watch, today the Obama Administration forges ahead with its Progressive, domestic green agenda of a narrow, isolationist view of their responsibilities, announcing new stricter EPA regulations, further weakening an already overly regulated, anemic, struggling U.S. economy, which further emboldens our adversaries throughout the world.

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EPA Moves Against Alaska Gold Mine Project to Protect Fishies

Obama Appoints Green Group Scientist EPA Integrity Official

EPA Regs Shutter New England’s Largest Coal Plant

Obama’s Climate Plan Calls for Making Excess Carbon a Crime

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If Not For Gov Jerry Brown’s Man-Made Drought

Jerry Brown's DroughtCalifornia’s Man-Made Drought Moderate to Exceptional –NOAA@Twitter

(CBS San Francisco) As California Gov Jerry Brown’s man-made drought continues, farmers in the San Joaquin Valley fear federal officials may seize water in the San Luis Reservoir intended for their crops.

In 2009 the Wall Street Journal reported thanks to EPA regulations designed to protect the likes of the 3″ long delta smelt, one of America’s premier agricultural regions is suffering from a drought made worse by federal regulations.

California’s persistent drought crisis while made worse in 2009 in large measure may be attributed to Atty General Jerry Brown disastrous environmental law suits to save the mountain yellow legged frog to increasing regulations and prohibitive costs on big construction projects that have over the years, created wealth, prosperity, and opportunities, making peoples lives better.

If not for California’s wacky environmentalist policies and want for more regulations, the state may have instead invested for the future, constructing life-saving desalination plants such as Israel’s Sorek Desalination Plant which provides 26,000 cubic meters or 7 million gallons of clean potable water every hour, to over 1.5 million people.

Similar desalination projects along the California coast line, would forever prevent future man-made water crisis’s.

California Air Pollution Increases by 35% Due to the Closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

Obama Anti Nuclear Energy

(World Nuclear News) A Liberal Environmentalist Nightmare: Air pollution reportedly increased by as much as 35% in California due to the early closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant which resulted in the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs earlier this year and skyrocketing wholesale electrical prices, thanks to Obama’s and Sacramento’s disastrous environmental regulations.

More Ohio Energy Production Job Losses Announced Since Obama Reelection

(WaPo) After Obama’s reelection, Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy an Ohio based coal company, read a prayer to a group of company staff members: “Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp for the decisions we are forced  to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises you have helped us to build.”

Subsequently, Murray announced layoffs of company employees, citing the Obama Administration’s “War on Coal.”

On the 07 October, I wrote here that more than 34 gigawatts of electrical generating capacity are set to retire thanks to  Obama’s EPA most of these retirements will come from coal fired power plant closures shuttering over 10% of the U.S. Coal fired generating capacity.

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Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Shale Development