Obama’s Last Minute EPA Rules Push Regulatory Costs Past $1Trillion – $3,080 Per Person

epa-cartoonObama Still Has 50 Days Left in Office To Impose Even More Nuttier Govt Regulations

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Hillary Clinton Admits “We’re Gonna Put a Lot of Coal Miners and Coal Companies Out of Business…Move Away From ALL Other Fossil Fuels”

Hillary Clinton Tweet@Hillary Clinton Will Tweet Anything When Its Politically Convenient 

(Daily Caller) At a CNN Democrat Townhall Event in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend, Hillary Clinton told the crowd that her energy policies are “gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Hillary Clinton went on to say how the government (taxpayers) have to invest in “clean, renewable energy. We’re gonna make it clear that we don’t want those people–those people labored in mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. Now we’ve got to move away from coal  and all other fossil fuels but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy we relied on.”

Huh??? That’s talking from both sides of her mouth.

When did it become the American Taxpayers business to pick winners and losers and choose which industries to “invest in” (favor with taxpayers money) and which to bankrupt?

California Environmental Regulator has a Plan to Permanently Kill Jobs & Prosperity as We Know It

California RepublicCalifornia Exodus: Go East Young Man… -Image: Political News Now

(Bloomberg) Just ask California Air Resources Board Regulator Mary Nichols how to kill jobs and end prosperity in the ‘Golden State’ and she’ll tell you her plan: Ban the internal combustion engine from all roadways and force automakers to sell nothing but electric cars statewide. 

There’s just a little tiny huge problem with this latest brainstorm from the wacky environmentalist left says Ozzie Zehner Researcher, Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley and Author of Green Illusions, who in 2013 wrote in IEEE Spectrum that electric cars lead to hidden environmental and health dangers, together with producing only ‘marginally’ fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their gasoline or diesel counterparts adding:

A Norwegian study published October, 2012 in the ‘Journal of Industrial Ecology’ compared life-cycle impacts of electric vehicles. The researchers considered acid rain, airborne particulates, water pollution, smog and toxicity to humans as well as depletion of fossil fuel and mineral resources. According co-author Anders Stromman, ‘electric vehicles consistently perform worse on or par with modern internal combustion engine vehicles, despite virtual zero direct emissions during operation.’

“Moving from petroleum fueled vehicles to electric cars begins to look more-and-more like shifting from one brand of cigarette to another…Lets not be seduced by high-tech illusions.”

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Lame Duck Obama Wanting to Stay Relevant to Issue New EPA Regs to Take Effect After his Term

Obama Lame Duck(NY Times) Obama is set to announce sweeping new EPA Regs mandating ‘the first ever federal limits on power plant emissions’ according to Market Watch that are intended to cut emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030

The new EPA rule also demands that power plants use more renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power–states will be expected to submit an initial version of their ‘plans’ by next year. — Already, the ‘State of Indiana’ together with Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have indicated that they will reject Obama’s latest initiative.

White House officials concede that Obama’s latest EPA mandates to address his fears of ‘global warming’ are a part of his legacy building.

There are certain doubts that these new Obama imposed mandates will ever actually survive in the version to be unveiled today. Already more than a dozen states and the coal industry have vowed to sue the EPA, those cases will ultimately go unresolved though Obama’s waning days as president and the next administration may very well rescind Obama’s latest grandiose legacy building directives.

More here from The Wall Street Journal

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Obama Vetoes Keystone Jobs Bill as Labor Participation Rate is an Anemic 62.9%

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Blocking Keystone XL Jobs(FOX News) President Obama today followed through with his threat to veto bipartisan legislation authorizing the Keystone XL-Pipeline and the 42,000+ new ‘private sector’ shovel ready infrastructure jobs which Obama’s own State Dept said in 2014 that would be created nationwide, not to mention the thousands of residual jobs in other sectors that would have been created, together with the permanent jobs that would be necessary to maintain the pipeline.

It should be noted, that Obama’s veto of thousands of good paying jobs comes at a time when the U.S. labor participation rate fell to a 36 year low of 62.7% in December, 2014 improving just slightly to 62.9% in January and when U.S. homeownership rates hit a 20 year low of 64% according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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California New Gas Taxes Go Into Effect, Now Highest in the Country

California Gas Taxes(Catholic Online) With the Exception of Two States,
States With the Highest Taxes Voted for Obama in 2012
Californians Against Higher Oil Taxes

Flashback: On the 13 May, I wrote here that California in 2014 was the worst state for business according to an annual survey of 500 CEO’s across the country which graded states which they were familiar on measures including taxes and regulatory regime, the quality of the workforce and the quality of the living environment.

With the 930 new laws which mostly all took effect yesterday, it isn’t very likely that CEO’s across the nation will give California any better grade this year.

Obama’s EPA Proposes Extreme Air Quality Standards

Cost of EPA RegsCost of EPA Regs: 336,000 Mfg Jobs in One Year –Heritage Foundation

(Daily Signal) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its proposed new standard on ground level ozone which allegedly is a component of smog–every 5 yrs, the EPA is required by law to review and if appropriate release these standards.

In 2008 the EPA issued an ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) the new standard proposed by the EPA would decrease that level to 65 to 70 ppb though the EPA is considering an even lower standard of 60 ppb.

The National Association of Manufacturers has said a 60 ppb would be the costliest regulation in U.S. history according to a new study conducted by NERA Economic Consultants which reveals that the new EPA ozone regulation from the Obama Administration may cost $270 Billion annually and place millions of more good paying American jobs at risk.

On the 13 November, 2013 I wrote here thanks to Obama’s EPA and California’s disastrous environmental regulations which resulted in the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs, air pollution actually increased by as much as 35% together with wholesale electrical prices.

The Columbus Dispatch reported in June, 2011 that because of Obama’s proposed EPA clean air rules they would be scuttling 11 coal burning power plants, costing 600 jobs and consumers would face an increase in electricity costs ranging from 10 to 15% over the subsequent 5 years.

In another example of Obama’s EPA over-regulation in July 2010 the EPA announced that it would be cracking down on farm dust.

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Remember When Dems & Nancy Pelosi Blasted Bush for Rising Gas Prices Calling it a “Scam of the Greatest Magnitude”

Gas Prices BakersfieldGas Prices in Bakersfield, 02 June
Image: 23 ABC News Kero/Bakersfield

Gas Prices 2006

Flashback: Remember back in July, 2006 The Daily Signal reports when House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared at a gas station in Washington, DC  to draw attention to high gas prices under President George W. Bush together with other Democrats, all of whom criticized the Bush Administration for his energy policy blaming him for the high gas prices.

Subsequently in 2008 then House Speaker Pelosi blasted the Bush Administration’s so called ‘big oil agenda” for rising gas prices saying: “This is a scam of the greatest magnitude.”

If rising gas prices were the “scam of the greatest magnitude,” in 2008 what are they today?

Where oh where are Democrats and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticism of the Obama Administration for skyrocketing gas prices? Why the double standard?

Obama to Unveil New ‘Cap & Tax’ Regulations on Monday, For the Children

Obama New RegsWannabe King Obama Will Bypass Congress (Again) to Implement
his Previously Failed ‘Cap and Tax’ Plan

(Bloomberg) President Obama said today that his administration’s plan to combat global warming, climate change climate disruptions will be unveiled next week is for the children.

In 2009 and with a Democrat controlled Congress, Obama’s “Cap & Tax” plan was met with resistance and was criticized by then West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd and died in the Senate without further consideration.

Flashback: Remember in January, 2008 when Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that under his plan energy costs will necessarily skyrocket.

Obama’s new environmental regulations all comes at a time when the nation’s economy stalled in the 1st Qtr with GDP falling to -1%, growing inflation fears with food prices up in 2014 by 19% and a shrinking workforce according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reports the labor participation rate in April fell to 62.8% unseen since Jimmy Carter was president 35 years ago.

How long will it be before Obama shatters that dismal labor force participation record with his disastrous new regulations that already steals more than $1.8 Trillion from a struggling, anemic economy teetering on the brink of a triple dip recession?

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White House Turns Blind Eye on Democrats Who Oppose Climate Rules

Gas Prices Spike to Highest Level in Southern California Since Last Summer, Where’s the Outrage from Democrats?

Gas Prices Rise

(CBS Los Angeles) The average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gas has spiked to their highest levels since last Summer. On Thursday, according to Santa Clarita Valley Signal regular unleaded gas prices average $4.07 to $4.29 a gallon.

Flashback: Remember when then candidate for president Senator Barack Obama said that rising gasoline prices were a crisis and the result of George W Bush’s failed energy policies, or when Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)  blasted George Bush for high gas prices and when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) echoing Pelosi’s comments said that gasoline prices were “the number one issue facing America today.”

Where is the outrage from Democrats today during Obama’s Watch???

Crickets Chirping…