Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Supported Subjection Of Women At Harvard Law School

Islamists who are seeking to spread Sharia Law have found an ally with Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court Elana Kagan.

While Dean at Harvard Law School, Ms. Kagan banned Military Recruiters from campus, while inviting Saudi Recruiters to promote Sharia Law which terrorizes Women.

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Elena Kagan: Doctor Assisted Suicide Ban, “Terrible Idea”

Elena Kagan, Obama’s nominee for Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Ct. said while a Domestic Policy Adviser during the Clinton Administration, that a Ban on Doctor Assisted Suicide was a terrible idea.

Kagan’s opinion was expressed in a 1998 handwritten memo during an internal administration debate over whether Oregon Physicians should be permitted to prescribe a dose of lethal drugs to patients who are terminally ill so they may kill themselves.

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Elena Kagan: It’s OK To Ban Books

Our Great Leader (choke, choke, cough, cough) Comrade Obama during a speech last month at Hampton University in Virgina said, “And meanwhile, your coming of an age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us all to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank that high on the truth meter… (translation-Conservative arguments Obama doesn’t approve of) information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than a means of emancipation….”

It isn’t at all surprising that Obama’s pick to replace liberal activist Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, is an activist herself.

Instead of being willing to preserve the Constitution of the United States, U.S. Supreme Ct nominee Elena Kagan argued before the Court that she wishes to join, that its fine if Democrat-Socialist’s in Congress enact legislation to ban books.

Audio here of Elena Kagan arguing before the U.S. Supreme Ct that its fine if the law bans books Via Breitbart TV

Obama Administration, A Little More Like China Everyday

China Looks To Export Censorship and the Obama Administration is interested.

If not, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish Comrade Obama and his White House Maoist Czars from their Marxist brethren in Beijing.

Obama White House Propaganda Minister Cass Sunstein in an interview posted on Breitbart TV calls for creepy plan for controlling Internet information.

Comrade Obama’s latest pick for Associate Justice on the Supreme Court Elana Kagan argued before the Court that she now wants to sit, in the matter under the caption of Citizens United v. FEC that it would be OK to ban books. During a rehearing, Kagan argued that it may be OK to ban pamphlets too.

In a post last week Prison Planet reported that Supreme Court Nominee Elana Kagan, in a 1996 paper entitled, “Private Speech, Public Purpose: The Role of Government Motive in First Amendment Doctrine” argued that it may be proper to suppress speech because it is offensive to society or to the government.

“If the Freedom of Speech is taken away than dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” –President George Washington

“Censorship reflects society’s  lack of confidence in itself. It is an hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” –U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

Elana Kagan, Wisdom to Serve or Crisis of Character?

U.S. Solicitor General smiles as she is introduced by Obama to be the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

To be fair, I have formed no personal opinions for or against Elana Kagan to be the next Associate Justice. Much is being written that Kagan has no prior experience as a Jurist, the U.S. Constitution makes no requirement that one has prior Judicial experience or even a law degree.

The late Associate Justice Stanley Forman Reed, who served on the bench from 1938-1957 was the last Justice not to have a law degree.

Before all of the hullabaloo was being written about Kagan’s lack of Judicial experience, on the 19 April, The Christian Science Monitor published “Our Founding Father’s Thoughts on the Supreme Court –Gary Galles wrote, “…We have an extensive record of our Founders’ views but the purposes and limits they believed in and the litmus test they applied are far different from those being discussed today. Consider some of their words:

Patrick Henry: “Liberty ought to be the direct end of your government.”

Samuel Adams: “Without liberty and equality, there cannot exist that tranquility of mind, which results from the assurance of this to every citizen, that his own personal safety and rights are secure…it is the end and design of all free and lawful governments.”

John Adams: “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not sacred as the laws of God and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal” were not commandments of heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.”

James Madison: “The powers of the federal government are enumerated…it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which cannot extend its jurisdiction.”

While the elitist political left is ecstatic about the possibility of a third woman on the Supreme Court, this in and of itself is not grounds for any expedited confirmation process.

Elana Kagan has written that the Senate confirmation hearings should more fully explore a “nominee’s set of Constitutional values and commitments” but likewise has written, “…hearings have presented to the public a vapid and hollow charade, in which repetition of platitudes has replaced discussion of viewpoints and personal anecdotes have supplanted legal analysis. Such hearings serve little educative function except perhaps to reinforce lessons of cynicism that citizens often glean from government. Neither can such hearings contribute toward an evaluation of the Court and a determination whether the nominee would make it a better or worse institution.”

Confirmation Messes Old and New—Univ of Chicago Law Review Vol 62 No. 2 (1995) page 941

While Ms. Kagan’s personal views and writings will be scrutinized from her 2004 decision at Harvard Law School that barred military recruiters from the schools career center including her Senior Thesis at Princeton University entitled To the Final Conflict: Socialism in NYC 1900-1933 which Elana Kagan has been criticized for revealing her sympathies with the Socialist Party.

Elana Kagan deserves a thorough, fair and impartial examination into her fitness of moral character, qualifications and integrity to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, absent unmerited praise from the political left or unfair criticism from the political right until all the facts are revealed.

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