(Watch) Sourpuss Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Applaud U.S. Job Creation

Making America Great Again — Congratulations Secy of Commerce Wilbur Ross!

Congratulations to Our 39th Secy of Commerce
Billionaire Investor/Jobs Creator Wilbur Ross


 VIA: Washington Examiner

Trump: FY 2018 $54 Billion Spike in Defense Spending With Savings From Domestic Outlay Cuts

Dow Closes at Record High For 9th Straight Session Longest Record Streak Since 1987

Trump Rally Continues

9th Straight Record High -Image Courtesy: Market Watch

VIA:Market Watch

Why California Will NEVER Secede

Democrat Liberal-Progressive Wannabe Socialists Utopia Out of Control Spending — California DEBT
and CalPERS $1.4 TRILLION in Unfunded Liabilities

CalExit — Riiight… ROFLOL!!!

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Trump Rally Continued Thursday – 6th Straight Record Close

I Love Winning! Trump Rally Continues

(MarketWatch) Stocks New Records for Third Session in a Row -Image: Charlie Bilello

Stock Market Closes at a New Record High — Trump Rally Rolls On

Its About Time to Dump the Export-Import Bank

Why Not Cut Overly Burdensome Fed Regs and Guarantee Loans to New Small Cap American Companies Wanting to Organize New Start-Up Domestic Commuter Airlines Operating in Smaller Markets?

 VIA: Americans For Limited Government

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Delta Airlines Pushes for Export-Import Bank Reform

Dump the Export-Import Bank -CATO (2002)

Trump Rally Continues – NASDAQ Closes at Record High