Stock Indices Smash Records Close at New Highs

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California Legislature Passes Extension of Gov Jerry Brown’s Cap-N-Tax Law

Keep Electing Liberal Democrats


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Economics 101: Should Obama’s Policies Be Reversed and Tax Rates Cut, Growth is Inevitable

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(Watch) Trump Supporter Loves the Job the President is Doing and his War with the Dinosaur Media

Trump Cuts U.S. Debt by $12 Billion in his First Month in Office
This Trump Supporter Loves the Job President Trump is Doing

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Final Obamanomics Report Card: Quarter of Americans Can’t Pay Monthly Bills – 44% of Americans Don’t Have $400

Great News For Retirement Savings – Its Been a Winning Quarter For the Dow Industrials

Good News For Investors

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Ford Motor Co Focuses on U.S. Jobs With $1.2 Billion Investment in Three Auto Plants

What? U.S. Treasury Secy Mnuchin Calls for Congress to Raise the Federal Debt Limit

Awesome Jobs Report – Record 152,528,000 Americans Employed in February

More House Cleaning Needed Mr. President: Almost 100 Federal Employees Caught Watching Porn On the Job

Mr. President: It Appears That More Swamp Cleaning Is Needed
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