Remembering Pearl Harbor — God Bless Our Greatest Generation

Stock Indices Smash Records Close at New Highs

I Love Winning -Image Courtesy: FOX Business


ACLU VA Agrees With Trump, Both Sides to Blame for the Charlottesville Riot But When Trump Says It Left Goes Berserk

Flashback: Donald Trump Was Right About N. Korea Nearly 20 Yrs Ago

Full Interview – Meet the Press with Tim Russert
@8:56 Donald Trump Was Right About North Korea in October, 1999

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Who Is Patriotic?

CNN Has Lost It, Claims Trump’s Meme is “Antisemitic, Racist and Anti-Muslim”

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National Enquirer Denies Participation in Alleged Trump Scheme to Blackmail Failed Congressman Joe Scarborough and Miki Brzezinski

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(Watch) Bizarre MSNBC Guest Donny Deutsch Meltdown, Calls Donald Trump a “Pig, Physically Disgusting to Look At” and Challenges Him to a Schoolyard Brawl

@30 Sec Donny Deutsch Calls Trump a “Pig, a Vulgar Pig…He’s Physically Disgusting to Look At…” @59 Sec Claims Trump “Is Not Mentally OK…”

@10 Sec Donny Deutsch Challenges Donald Trump to a Brawl in the “Schoolyard”

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Donald Trump Joins Conservatives Proposes Full Repeal of ObamaCare

Fully Repeal ObamaCare and Pass Legislation Permitting Insurance Carriers to Sell Policies Across State Lines – Free Market Forces Provide Competition Which Will Drive Down Costs

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Memorable Event On This Date In History – In 2015 Donald Trump Announces His Candidacy For President

Making America Great Again  -Image Courtesy: Joe Roediger

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