Liberal Lunacy: Sen Dianne Feinstein Opposes Next Weekends “Freedom Rally” in San Francisco

ACLU VA Agrees With Trump, Both Sides to Blame for the Charlottesville Riot But When Trump Says It Left Goes Berserk

Isn’t Fascism Just Lovely

Liberal North Carolina Mob Destroy 93 Yr Old Confederate Monument
Outside Durham County Courthouse on Monday  -Images Courtesy:

ISIS Jihadists Destroy Ancient Statutes in Iraq  -Images Courtesy: RT News

Sheik Omar Raghba Destroys Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary -Images Courtesy: MEMRI

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(Watch) Maxine Waters Says After Democrats Impeach Trump “We Have To Go Get Putin, He’s Next”


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(Watch) Maryland Sen Chris Van Hollen Dodges Question Whether Its Acceptable to be Pro-Life and a Democrat


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Daily Beast Writer Calls White House Press Secy Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “Butch Queen” Where’s the Moral Outrage by the Left?

Outrageous Which @IraMadison Subsequently Refers to This Tweet as an “Ill Judged Joke”


Though Democrats & MSM Are Obsessing With Russia, Russia, Russia, Most Americans Don’t Care

(Watch) Liz Wheeler & Daily Caller Scott Greer Exposes California Sen Kamala Harris

Liberals & MSM Silent – Women’s March Celebrates a Marxist Cop Killer & Joins BLM Calling For “Dead Cops”

California Legislature Passes Extension of Gov Jerry Brown’s Cap-N-Tax Law

Keep Electing Liberal Democrats


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