(Watch) Liz Wheeler: Hillary Clinton Tweets “Republicans…They’re the Death Party”?!?!?!

Nancy Pelosi’s Senior Moment About ObamaCare

In 2018 “about 45% of counties are expected to have one or no insurer in the (ObamaCare) marketplace where about 12 million Americans buy their own coverage…”

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Democrats & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Send Muslim Greetings “To All” – ISIS Replies

California #1 in Nation of Homelessness – Gov Jerry Brown & Legislators to Receive Another Pay Raise

Planned Parenthood Role in Georgia’s Congressional Special Election Raises Ethical Questions

Georgia Special Election: Democrats Oppose Big Money in Politics? Ossoff Outspends Handel 7 to 1 and Still Loses

Why Is Hillary Clinton Comparing Herself to Wonder Woman?

“Sorry but ‘strong’ Women don’t blame everyone but themselves for their failures.
No, that’s a sign of weakness…”

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NJ Democrat Consultant Defends #HuntRepublicanCongressmen Tweets — Silence by the Left & MSM

So Much For All That Talk Of Tolerance & Civility by Democrats

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(Video) Loony Liberal Virginia Gov Terry McAuliffe: “We Lose 93 Million Americans a Day to Gun Violence”

Hmmm??? According to the U.S. Census Bureau There Were But 323,127,513 Americans
Living in the United States as of 01 July, 2016

Democrats & MSM Created Environment Where Its Open Season On Republicans