Stop California AB 2X 15 Doctor Prescribed Death

Honor SeniorsHuman Life is a Sacred Gift from God –Image: Respect Life LA 

“This morning, proponents of doctor-prescribed suicide once again put the lives of California’s poor, sick and disabled at risk. SB-128 which was defeated in July, has come back for a Special Session as AB 2X 15 

This process allows legislators to fast-track this bill, it attempts to push a life or death issue into law quickly without adequate review or debate…Legalizing assisted suicide will endanger the lives of the poor, those in immigrant and minority communities.”
Archbishop Jose Gomez, Archdiocese Los Angeles@Facebook

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Delay at Seattle Veterans Administration Killed Another American Hero

Govt Death PanelsWhat We Can Expect ObamaCare To Do to the Rest of Us
Image: Linda Suhler, PhD@Twitter

(The Spokesman Review/AP) Donald Douglass aged 57 had a small spot in his forehead when he went to the Seattle VA in 2011 a biopsy confirmed it was cancerous but it was four months before the VA Hospital scheduled an appointment for him to have it removed and by then, it had spread, wrapping around a facial nerve and getting into his blood.

The delay proved fatal, a said his Atty Jennifer Holman of Tacoma. “Had he had his surgery timely, he’d be alive today.

” While the VA said it would schedule an appointment for Douglass to have the necessary surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center, it dragged its feet,” Holman said.

Douglass repeatedly checked in about whether the appointment had been scheduled and there are notes in his patient records indicating that he was still waiting for surgery. The surgery was finally performed in September 2011 but by then the cancer had spread. Douglass suffered facial pain and paralysis and died a little more than a year later.

ObamaCare = VA CareObamaCare = VA Care –Cartoon Image: Lana Wong@Facebook

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ObamaCare Death Panel Begins First in California

Someone Lives Someone Dies Welcome to ObamaCareSomeone Lives–Someone Dies…Welcome to ObamaCare

(Bloomberg) The latest bad news from ObamaCare comes to California–a state in which the Obama Administration has consistently pointed to as an important indicator of the federal takeover of 1/6 of the American economy as a success.

President Obama in June was in California claiming that his legislative achievement was already ‘pushing down costs’ for Consumers, unfortunately actuary analyses have recently revealed that because of ObamaCare individual health care premiums are headed anywhere but down in California.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday, “Insurers in California’s new health insurance exchange are–limiting choices, raising concerns that patients will struggle to get care.”

The doctor can’t see you now.

Consumers may hear that a lot more often after getting health insurance under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

To hold down premiums, major insurers in California have sharply limited the number of doctors and hospitals available to patients in the state’s new health insurance market opening on the 01 October.

On the 22 July, I wrote here that Anthem Blue Cross has joined a growing list of other health insurance companies that will not participate in California’s small business and individual ObamaCare/Covered California Exchange.

ObamaCare’s “Covered California” Will Use Taxpayer Dollars for Propaganda Ads

Donna Brazile Tweets on ObamaCare Rising PremiumsFormer DNC Chief Tweets Health Ins Premium Hike –Expose The Media

(KQED Public Radio) One would think there is an election coming up, judging by the way political ads are airing, California Political News reports that beginning in August, the State of California will spend waste $37 Million of taxpayers dollars to promote ObamaCare.

ObamaCare’s ‘Covered California’ ads will not tell you about doctor shortages, the long waiting lines, bureaucrats running death panels, nor will they tell the public that individuals will pay up to 146% more for their health insurance.

Whatever happened with transparency and full disclosure?

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HHS Secy Sebelius Refuses to Waive Govt Regulation for Girl with 5 Weeks to Live, ‘Someone Lives, Someone Dies’

Sarah Murnaghan & FriendSarah  Murnaghan and her Adopted Sister Ella –Image:

(Washington Examiner) Health & Human Services Secy Kathleen Sebelius, rebuffed an appeal by Rep Lou Barletta (R-PA) on behalf of 10 yr old Sarah Murnaghan who will die without a lung transplant–she can’t qualify for an adult ling transplant until the age of 12 pursuant to federal regulations. 

Today Sebelius refused to waive the rules on behalf of Murnaghan saying, “…someone lives and someone dies.”

Sebelius in charge with the implementation of ObamaCare, exposes the callousness of government, not health care providers making decisions on who lives and who dies.

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Sarah Palin Was Correct About ObamaCare Death Panels

Remember last year when Democrat-Socialists, (Liberal Progressive Kool Aide drinkers that now want to repackage themselves as Center Right) decried former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for writing that ObamaCare Death Panel Charge was 2009 Biggest Lie what has happened since?

ObamaCare bureaucrats have not not ruled out turning away sick people created by the new health care law to provide coverage for the uninsured.

Critics of the $5 Billion Dollar high risk pool insists it will run out of money before 01 January, 2014–that is the date when health plans can no longer deny insurance to persons with pre-existing conditions.

Obama Administration officials insist that they can make changes to the program to ensure it last until 2014 and risks turning away sick people by changing programs, reducing benefits to redistributing funds between state pools.

Sarah Palin was truly far ahead of the goofy loony liberal lefties concerning death panels ObamaCare rationing for all.

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ObamaCare 3 months of Broken Promises by John Boehner, R-OH Via Human Events

Rep. John Dingell, D-MI ObamaCare will eventually control people Via Breitbart

Sarah Palin was Correct about ObamaCare Death Panels

Former GOP V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin was correct when she wrote on her Facebook page that ObamaCare would lead to Health Care Rationing and Death Panels.

Who can forget last years HHS Preventative Services Task Force recommendations against routine Mammograms.

You can now thank “Hoax & Chains” and his loyal Democrat-Socialists in Congress for ObamaCare and they’re Death Panels deciding if Americans are entitled to medical care and worth saving.

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