David Letterman—Debauchee

David LettermanDavid Letterman is a sexual predator as if there was some doubt about it.

Letterman admissions this week that he has sexually harassed subordinates, preying on his latest conquests for sexual favors is nauseating. Where is the moral outrage?

We knew in June following Letterman’s despicable comments about Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, that Letterman has no conscience.

Michelle Malkin hit the nail squarely on the head when she called David Letterman a “Perv” contemptuous of women.

In my post I said that the late night CBS Talk Show host is malicious and tawdry making sexist and degrading jokes about young girls being raped.

When will CBS finally do the right thing and terminate Letterman?

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sex with your employees to people who LAUGH and APPLAUD
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Olive Garden Pulls David Letterman Ads

Olive Garden

Via Politico

Despite a lame apology by non-funny man David Letterman, making cruel jokes about Gov. Sara Palin, her family and Flight Attendants, Olive Garden has decided to pull their ads from the late night CBS show.

Protesters continue to demand that CBS fire David Letterman, his malicious and tawdry jokes were prepared in advance and not just the spur of the moment monologue.

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David Letterman: Palin Can’t Take A Joke

David Letterman

Earlier this week I wrote here that late night boorish David Letterman, was nothing but malicious and tawdry when makingĀ  jokes about Alaska Governor Sara Palin and her daughter.

There is nothing funny about what the 62 year old Letterman said, his perverted comments are the very least despicable.

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