Loser Left In Meltdown Over Dana Loesch NRA Ad Condemning Political Violence

2010 Values Voter Summit, Establishment Republicans & Loony Liberal Lefties Love To Hate

Delaware GOP U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell addresses the 2010 Values Voter Summit encouraging Conservatives to lead a Constitutional comeback in this years mid-term elections.

Conservatives have put aside the negative stereotypes of elitist Republicans such as Karl Rove and the loony liberal lefties such as DailyKos, which calls Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich ‘the American Taliban in Full Force’—How dare Conservatives challenge the wacky political establishment, championing such radical ideals as:

Limiting the roll of Government

Controlling federal spending

Defending our Freedom

Since when is championing family friendly values, extremist views of fringe Republicans?

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Congressman Mike Pence Address at the Values Voter Summit

Daily Kos American Taliban: Liberal Fanaticism

Liberal Loon’s & MSM Blast GOP On Values, Remain Silent On Their Own Skeleton’s

Obama MSM Love Fest

Liberal Loonies once again blast Republicans on Faith, Values and Morality in light of the recent GOP Governor Mark Sanford admissions of infidelity.

From the wackos at the Daily Kos to HuffPo, Liberal Loonies and the partisan MSM have wasted no time in their criticisms of Republicans.

Lets keep things in perspective.

Democrats have lots of egg on their face when it comes to their lack of respect of women. Wacky Liberals waste no time in their recent criticisms of Sen. John Ensign, R-NV and his admissions of marital infidelity but fail to remember their own murky past.

Top 10 Democrat Sex Scandals in Congress

What Gov. Mark Sanford done was wrong, he has disgraced and humiliated his family and should have announced his resignation from office on Wednesday, saving his family further embarrassment and disgrace.  Sanford is a terrible example of a decent man and father, the lessons that he is teaching his Son’s about respecting Women are shameful.

Michelle Malkin said it best “Bastard” describes the South Carolina Governor perfectly.

On Thursday, I exchanged emails with a very good friend of mine and her comments were indeed so true.

“…there are no party lines when it comes to hypocritical politicians…its disheartening that we expect our elected officials to live up to a certain standard, that’s why we elected them, then they let us down.”

Their is a huge difference between Conservatives and those Wacky Liberal Loons that choose to ignore or selectively forget all of the skeletons in their own closets.

Real Conservatives stand  on principle, realizing words mean something. Earlier this week FOX News host Sean Hannity called on John Ensign to do the right thing and resign his Senate seat.

There are consequences to every action, politicians are not part of any special class and get some sort of exemption for their indecent behavior.

Sean Hannity is correct, Ensign should do the right thing and resign his seat and Sanford, if he has any integrity left, should do the same, not looking back so the door doesn’t hit them on the way out.