CPAC 2013 Looking Forward in Hearing from Eleven Great African-American Speakers

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(Breitbart/Facebook) CPAC is the largest and most prominent event of the Conservative movement. Every year the conference draws some 10,000 attendees and the biggest names in the Republican party.

This year, CPAC 2013 welcomes 11 great African-American speakers:

  • Dr. Ben Carson;
  • Mia Love;
  • U.S. Sen Tim Scott,
  • TW Shannon, Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives,

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CPAC 2010

Newly elected U.S. Senator Scott Brown, R-MA made an unexpected appearance today at CPAC 2010 to introduce one of his favorite supporters, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Gov. Romney said that Obama failed America squandering away 2009 with a year full of broken promises.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney made a surprise appearance saying, “I think 2010 will be a phenomenal year for the conservative cause and I think that Barack Obama, is a one term president,” to a raucous applause.

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“Keep America Safe” Chair Liz Cheney Addresses CPAC

An inconvenient question about the Mount Vernon Statement Via Michelle Malkin

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