More Bad News For Obama & Democrat Socialist Incumbents

Just 21 days before the midterm elections and the news keeps getting worse for incumbent Democrat-Socialist—Women make up the majority of the U.S. population and want their children to be more prosperous than they are and have turned against the Democrat Congressional Majority in Congress.

In a new ABC News/Yahoo News Poll its results identify why the public economic disconnect is playing so strongly in the Republican Party favor in the upcoming midterm elections.

If that isn’t bad enough for Democrat-Socialists, almost half of Obama supporters now have doubts about President Obama

Signs of desperation: Obama attacks Chamber of Commerce attempting to change the political conversation, when they can’t run on the dismal record.

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What happens when Pennsylvania Democrat Joe Sestak holds a rally and no one shows up?

Congressman Joe Sestak: CAIR Legitimate Organization

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate Rep Joe Sestak said during a 2007 banquet hosted by his pals at CAIR that they are a “legitimate organization” and doing “good work” in fighting racial profiling.


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