CNN Has Lost It, Claims Trump’s Meme is “Antisemitic, Racist and Anti-Muslim”

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CNN Producer Jimmy Carr: American Voters “They’re Stupid as Sh-t”

Its Good To Know What CNN Really Thinks About American Consumers

VIA: Daily Caller

H/T: Jasmine Lee

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(Watch) Liz Wheeler: This is What the MSM Won’t Tell You About the News This Week

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(Video) CNN Parent Time Warner Sponsoring Public Theater’s Donald Trump Stabbing ‘Julius Caesar’

(Watch) Liberalism Is Evil! CNN Guest Sally Quinn, “Jared Kushner May Be One of the People Who Have to Die”

Harvard Study: More Than 90% of President Trump Coverage on CNN, NBC, CBS Was Negative During First 100 Days


Read the Full Report from Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center

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The Donald Trump Commercial That Lying CNN Fake News Didn’t Want You To See

Idiocy! CNN Commentator: “Barack Obama Had to Be the Next Best Thing to Jesus”

@42 Seconds CNN Commentator says, “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus.”

CNN Brian Stelter Angered at FOX News for Covering Rockville High School Rape Case

(Judicial Watch) High School Rapists Entered U.S. as Unaccompanied Alien Children and Lived in Sanctuary County -Image Courtesy: Washington Examiner and Fox Nation

VIA: NewsBusters

CNN Host Ends Segment After Guest Panelist Calls Story “Fake News”

CNN Political Hack Don Lemon Ended Segment After Guest Panelist @1:12
Called Story About Secret Service Protection of First Family “Fake News”

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