(Video) Thug Pulls Out a Rifle and Threatens Trump Supporter for Having a ‘Make America Great Again’ Flag

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Young Female MILO Fan Pepper-Sprayed at UC Berkeley

Liberals Are Only Tolerant of Free Speech If One Agrees With Them

Remembering Black History Month — 15th Amendment Was Ratified in February, 1870

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(Video) Hillary Clinton Talks About “Diversity” But Tells Supporters to Remove Black Man From Detroit Rally

What Parallel Universe Does Hillary Live? Stop & Frisk is Legal in All 50 States and Has Been Since 1968

hrcHad Hillary Passed her D.C Bar Exam in 1973 she’d know since
Terry -v- Ohio 392 U.S. 1 (1968) Stop & Frisk is Actually Legal in the United States

VIA: Cornell Univ Law School


See Full Decision Terry -v- Ohio -JUSTIA U.S. Supreme Court

(Video) Mob Attacks Trump Supporters in Minneapolis, Where’s the Moral Outrage by the So Called Tolerant Left & MSM?

Where’s the Moral Outrage by the MSM?

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New California Proposed Law Would Suppress Religious Liberty on College Campuses – When Was the 1st Amendment Repealed?

(Video) Muslim Students Disrupt Pro-Israel Event at Univ of California Irvine

Campus ReformCollege Republican Student Holding ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Poster — Muslim Students Protesters Didn’t Have any Interest in Opening Up any Dialogue and Shouted Over Every Attempt to Initiate Conversation about their Grievances

(Campus Reform) An event held by a Jewish student group at the Univ of California Irvine (UC Irvine) was disrupted Wednesday by a crowd of Muslim students chanting antisemitic and anti-police slogans.

Ariana Rowlands President of the College Republicans club at UC Irvine told ‘Campus Reform’ that her group had just wrapped up its meeting on Wednesday and were gathered outside the building preparing to hang posters to advertise an upcoming appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos a Breitbart News columnist, when they heard a commotion nearby.

Wandering over to investigate the ‘College Republicans’ member encountered a large group of students holding signs and screaming in unison to protest a movie screening being held by ‘Students Supporting Israel’ – Shawn Steel a Republican Natl Committee member who was on  the UC Irvine campus to address the ‘College Republicans’ meeting posted a video on Facebook capturing a portion of the demonstration.

“Intifada, Intifada long live the Intifada,” the protesters shout at the beginning of the video following that up with a call and a response chant of “displacing people since 48 there’s nothing here to celebrate.”

They repeated their venomous chant several times before progressing to a more simple message of: “F–k the Police.”

Kevin Brum, Vice President of ‘Students Supporting Israel’ (SSI) told ‘Campus Reform’ that the demonstrators were members of the ‘Muslim Students Union’ and ‘Students for Justice in Palestine Groups’ who were apparently incensed that two former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers were planning to meet with attendees of the screening.

Police RespondingAccording to a post at SSI Facebook page police had to escort the attendees out of their planned event for their own safety when the intolerant Muslim’s violated the SSI students constitutionally protected rights to peacefully assemble, watch a film and hear from former IDF soldiers were disrupted, when the Muslim students became “aggressive, blocking exits and not allowing people to leave (the venue) as well as forcing people to run and hide in rooms, fearing for their lives.”

“They were shouting Intifada, Intifada long live the Intifada – All White people need to die and they chased a female student into another building,” SSI further reported.

In March 2011 Jihad Watch reported that the ‘Muslim Students Union’ at UC Irvine, a ‘Muslim Students Association’ affiliate which the NY Police identified the organization as an ‘incubator’ for Islamic radicalism, had been suspended by the school after members repeatedly heckled Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren during a speech in 2010

More here on Muslim Students Association

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Outrageous! Muslim TSA Screener Gropes a Catholic Nun

TSADo You Feel Safer Now? -Image: Amy Mek

“Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.”
(I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.) -Thomas Jefferson

Hillary Clinton Champion for Equal Pay for Women??? While in the Senate Why Did Hillary Pay Women Just 72% of What a Man Made?

Hillary Clinton Equal PayDemocrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton
Now Claims to be Champion for Equal Pay for Women

  • Flashback: On the  26 October, I wrote here while in the Senate, Hillary Clinton paid Women just 72% of what what she paid Men — What’s up with that? Where’s the moral outrage?

More here ‘Hillary Clinton’s War on Women’ -Washington Free Beacon