Univ of Texas Austin Investigating Racist Flyers Advertising Non-Existent “Ethics Course” for Chinese Students

University of Texas Austin is Investigating Racist Flyers of Non-Existence Course
Image Courtesy: Haoyang Zhang@Facebook


Update – Student Identified in Racist Flyer Incident at Univ of Texas, Austin -ASAMNews

Where’s the Moral Outrage Following the Murder of USC Chinese Grad Student Ji Xinran?

Family of Chinese Grad Student Murdered in L.A.Grief Stricken Family of USC Chinese Grad Student Ji Xinran Murdered Last Month in Los Angeles –Image: L.A. Times@Twitter

(The Nanfang) Four Hispanic teenage thugs charged in the grizzly murder of 24 yr old USC Grad Student Ji Xinran from China, plead ‘Not Guilty’ according to the L.A. Times Tuesday in Los Angeles and are being held without bond.

The four Hispanic teenage suspects are accused of beating Ji Xinran to death with a baseball bat as he was walking home in July, from a study group.

In April, 2012 I wrote here about the cold blooded murders of two Chinese USC Grad Students Ming Qu and Ying Wu and asked, When will the Rev’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, head to Los Angeles to protest and demand justice for the two Chinese Grad students?

Where’s the moral outrage when Black or Hispanic Thugs murder Chinese students? When will the race baiting so called Civil Rights champions of the left, demand that we have a ‘conversation in this country’ about Black and Hispanic Thugs targeting Chinese immigrant students?

Chinese Immigrants Joining the U.S. Army

Chinese Go To US ArmyArmy Recruiter Qiang Wang Speaks With Chinese Student  Si-xing Zheng

Wei WeiWei Wei Wants to Join Military–Pictured With Recruiter Qiang Wang

(World Journal/Zi Yuan Gao) The U.S. Military Accessions Vital to the Natl Interest (MAVNI) allows certain non-citizens who are legally present in the United States to join the military and immediately apply for U.S. Citizenship without first obtaining permanent residency status.

The MAVNI program is only available to legal aliens possessing critical skills–physicians, nurses and those proficient in certain languages with associated cultural backgrounds.

Non-citizens have served  proudly in the military since the Revolutionary War–the ‘Lodge Act of 1950’ permitted non-citizen Eastern Europeans to enlist between 1950-1959

Today about 24,000 non-citizens are serving on active duty and about 5,000 legal permanent residents enlist in the Armed Forces annually. Today’s service members are eligible for expedited citizenship pursuant to a July, 2000 Executive Order and the military services have worked closely with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to streamline citizenship processing for service members.

Since 9/11 over 78,000 American Heroes have attained their citizenship while serving our country.

More here on MAVNI Program –Dept of Defense

President Obama: Where Was Your Moral Outrage in the Cold-Blooded Murder’s of Chinese USC Students Ming Qu & Ying Wu in 2012

Obama Press ConferenceObama Calls For Soul Searching & Natl Conversation on Race–Again –Cartoon Image: ConstantineSoriao

Memorial Service For Ming Qu and Ying Wu  in Los AngelesMemorial Service in Los Angeles for Ming Qu & Ying Wu Murdered at USC in April, 2012 –Image Courtesy: Xinhua News Agency

Accused Murders of Two Chinese StudentsBryan Barnes & Javier Bolden the Two Black Men Accused of Murdering Chinese USC Graduate Students During a Botched Robbery Attempt –Image: Daily Mail

In April, 2012 I wrote here and here about the cold-blooded murders of Chinese USC Grad students Ming Qu & Ying Wu and asked, ‘When will Rev’s Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, head to Los Angeles to protest and demand justice for Ying Wu & Ming Qu?’

They never did.

Where was their moral outrage and why didn’t President Obama, ever acknowledge the murders of two Chinese USC students, calling for soul searching and a national dialogue by the African-American community, to end the disproportionately high crime rate by Blacks in America?

R.I.P. Ye Mengyuan & Wang Linjia, Killed Saturday on Asiana 214 at San Francisco Intl Airport Tragedy

Ye Mengyuan & Wang LinjiaIn Memoriam of Ye Mengyuan & Wang Linjia Killed on Asiana Airlines #214 at San Francisco Intl Airport –Image Courtesy: Constantine Soriao

(SCMP) Two students from China Zhejiang Province, perished in the tragic air disaster at San Francisco Intl Airport Saturday morning.

The L.A. Daily News reported the two young women that perished were part of a group of 29 students and 5 teachers from a middle school in Jiangshan City, heading to Los Angeles to attend West Valley Christian Church and School in West Hills, CA, the students were to be hosted by families in San Fernando Valley.

More here from NBC News L.A.

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Chinese Graduate Student Was Third Victim of Boston Marathon Bombings

Third Victim of Boston Marathon BombingChinese National Third Victim of Boston Marathon Bombing

Zhou DanlingChinese Grad Student  Zhou Danling Injured in Boston Bombings –Images Sina.com

(Xinhua) Officials from the Chinese Consulate in New York have confirmed today that one Chinese national was murdered in yesterday’s Boston Marathon Bombings, a second victim Zhou Danling, is listed in stable condition after undergoing two surgeries at a Boston Medical Center.

Relatives of the deceased victim have requested anonymity–Boston University have only said that a grad student was killed in the blast and was one of three friends who were watching the Boston Marathon near the finish line, the third student was unharmed.

Chinese officials said they are doing everything that they can to help the families come to the United States and tend to their loved ones.

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Chinese Activist & Blogger Lu Haitao & his Wife, Granted Political Asylum in United States

Lu Haitao --BBCChina Activist, Journalist & Blogger Lu Haitao –BBC Image

Lu Haitao Beaten UpLu Haitao Severely Beaten in May 2012 –Whats On  Ningbo

(Taipei Times) Chinese Writer & Internet Journalist Lu Haitao asked the United States for political asylum while in Taiwan and was granted his request–the U.S. State Dept  has however refused to confirm or deny the asylum request except to say that Lu Haitao and his wife have arrived into the United States and are residing in Washington, DC

Lu Haitao, formally a journalist with the Oriental Morning Post, was the fifth reporter in one month to have been beaten-up in Shanghai, suffering serious injuries.

Chinese dissident Hu Jia credits the United States offering a great deal of help in assisting Lu Haitao and his wife–asked if KMT President Ma Ying-jeou government in Taiwan was helpful, Hu would only say, “It went beyond not helping.”

More here by Voice of America in Chinese

Why Are Some Chinese Women Arriving in the United States to Give Birth to Their Babies?

Chino Hills Residents ProtestProtesters Picket Alleged “Maternal Hotel” in Chino Hills –Daily Breeze

(National Review) Dozens of people recently protested in Chino Hills, CA against a neighborhood home allegedly being operated as a birthing center where pregnant Chinese women are believed to be staying in order that their babies are born in the United States and become U.S. citizens.

In December, The Los Angeles Times reported that anti-Chinese protesters last month calling themselves “Not in Chino Hills” were complaining that the pregnant immigrants don’t “assimilate” in the community, that their children will “infiltrate our country” attend school here, taking away precious college slots away from others and are therefore not welcome.

What all of the news stories are not reporting is critically important to actually understand why Chinese pregnant Women are arriving into the United States to give birth to the babies in the first place.

On the 08 January, 2012 I wrote here that Chinese Women are fleeing to the United States to save their babies from Obama’s Endorsed China Regime One Child Policy which has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent lives to be murdered as late as into the 9th month of pregnancy when Women have been forced to have abortions, giving birth to live babies, that have been discarded like trash as which happened in March, 2012 in China Shandong Province.

Why Chinese Woman are arriving into the United States to deliver their babies free from family planning authorities is quite understandable when one learns the backstory, which has gone largely underreported by the media.

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Chinese Use Microblogs to Quit CCP

Chinese Historical Society San Francisco Hosting Book Event: “Forbidden Citizens”

(Chinese Historical Society of America)

Following passage last year of Senate Res 201 expressing regret for the Chinese Exclusion Act Covington & Burling, LLP Martin Gold, penned Forbidden Citizens: Chinese Exclusion and the U.S. Congress: A Legislative History a book, that for the first time traces the timeline and background of those laws.

Acting in a pro-bono capacity on behalf of the Chinese-American Community, Covington helped to secure adoption of Senate Res 201

In “Forbidden Citizens” Mr Gold, documents the legislative debates and actual texts of the 9 exclusion measures, quoting both supporters and opponents of the bill in full detail.

Chinese Historical Society of America is pleased to host author and attorney Martin Gold at the Chinese Historical Society Museum, 965 Clay Street, San Francisco on Tuesday, 24 July, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Frank Wu, Dean of UC Hastings College of Law in San Francisco will also join Mr Gold, in a discussion about “Forbidden Citizens” and the current legislative developments seeking an apology for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion laws.

More here from Chinese Historical Society of America