Univ of Texas Austin Investigating Racist Flyers Advertising Non-Existent “Ethics Course” for Chinese Students

University of Texas Austin is Investigating Racist Flyers of Non-Existence Course
Image Courtesy: Haoyang Zhang@Facebook


Update – Student Identified in Racist Flyer Incident at Univ of Texas, Austin -ASAMNews

Chinese-American Voters Show Their Support for Donald Trump

What Hillary and the Dinosaur Media Will Never, Ever Speak Of: Meet Chinese Americans that Support Trump

Chinese AmericansTrump Fans are Everywhere -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

H/T: Amy Liu

California Finally (After 125 Yr Delay) Grants Chinese Immigrant Hong Yen Chang Law License

Chinese Immigrant(NBC Los Angeles) Deceased Chinese Lawyer Hong Yen Chang,
Was Denied Law License in 1890 Because of his Race –Image: SF Gate

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Chinese Immigrant Lily Tang Williams: ‘Common Core’ is the Communist Core I Had in China

2015 Annual “Little King & Queen Contest” Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles

Where’s the Moral Outrage Over Liberal Democrat Activist Kathy Groob @ElectWomen Racist Anti-Asian Tweet?

Kathy Groob Racist TweetLiberal Democrat Feminist Activist Kathy Groob Racist Deleted Tweet

Kathy Groob RacismKathy Groob’s @Elect Women Website Ironically Supports Women Candidates as Long as One Is Not Asian –Image: Sooper Mexican

(RedState) Democrats and the dinosaur media remain silent regarding Kathy Groob’s racist deleted Tweet about former Secy of Labor Elaine Chow–fortunately Twitter is forever.

Kathy Groob @Elect Women on the 30 July, endorsed Emerge California  expansion into Southern California–Are Liberals so desperate that they are unwilling to disassociate themselves with racists?

Danish Politician Wishes ‘All the Chinese Would Burn So The World Will Be Free of Chinese Filth’

Danish Politician

(Shanghaiist) Fuat Yalan a Danish politician of the country’s Social Democrat Party made headlines after watching a YouTube video of Chinese villagers abusing a a local boy and proceeded to write:

“I hope that it will be 140 degrees and that all the Chinese will burn so the world will be free of their filth,” Yulan wrote before telling a local newspaper that, “If there was a Chinese person in front of me right now, I would shoot him. I don’t care if I’m thrown out of the party, kicked out of Denmark or shot myself. I don’t care about politics, I stand by my words.”

According to Want China Times Yalan later attempted to play down his outrageous remarks by explaining that his words were only aimed at the abusers of the boy however he also blamed the newspaper for printing his rant, saying that it was only uttered during a moment of anger.

“For as he thinketh in his heart so is he.” –Proverbs 23:7

“For of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” –Luke 6:45

150th Anniversary of Gettysburg: Tribute To Civil War Hero “Chinese Yankee” Joseph Pierce

Civil War Hero Joseph Pierce

(Chinese Historical Society of America) Joseph L. Pierce was 21 years old when he enlisted in the Union Army in August, 1862 serving proudly in the 14th Connecticut  Infantry–Pierce had the distinction of achieving the highest rank for a Chinese-American Soldier during his period of service.

More here Chinese Soldiers Fought in U.S. Civil War –Dept of Defense

Did You Know Katherine Sui Fun Cheung, was Aviation’s First Chinese-American Pilot

Katherine Sui Fun Cheng --Chinese Historical Society of America

(CHSA) Did you know that Katherine Sui Fun Cheung (1904-2003) was known as Chinese-American Amelia Earhart according to the Beijing Air Force Aviation Museum.

After her arrival into the United States in 1921 her father took her to an airfield to teach her how to drive but instead Cheung became fascinated with planes flying in/out of the gates, subsequently signing up for flying lessons at the Chinese Aeronautical Assn and took up a solo flight only 12 hours after her first lesson.

Cheung was also pursing music studies at USC and Cal Poly Pomona, later married her father’s business partner George Young and had two children before she earned her pilots license in 1932–an astounding feat in those times, when Asian-American Women were heavily restricted in pursing their dreams due to race and gender inequalities.

Cheung became the first Chinese-American to fly airplanes and dazzle crowds with her amazing acrobatics. Shortly thereafter, she was welcomed into the Ninety Nines Club formed by Amelia Earhart, exclusive to Women pilots.

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H/T: Chinese Historical Society Museum San Francisco/Twitter