Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Pope Blessed Pius IX

Blessed Pope Pius IXPope Blessed Pius IX (1792-1878) Image: St. Paul Street Evangelization

(Vatcan) Born in Italy Senigallia the the 9th child of Gerolamo Feretti and Caterina Solazzi local nobles, he was Baptized on the day of his birth and given the name Giovanni Maria — Giovanni was a frail child physically challenged with epilepsy but nevertheless of very lively intelligence, his childhood was marked by an intense religious life.

Giovanni was educated at the Piarist College in Italy Volterra according to SQPN from 1802-1809 when he moved to Rome for more intensive education, in 1812 his epilepsy forced him to interrupt his studies — In 1814 Giovanni entered the Roman Seminary to study Theology for the next four year at which time his epilepsy went into remission. On the 10 April, 1819 Giovanni was Ordained into the Priesthood in Rome. Conscious of his Noble rank according to the Vatican Fr. Giovanni committed himself to avoiding a prelatial career in order to remain only at the service of the Church.

Fr. Giovanni celebrated his first Mass in the Church of St. Anne of the Carpenters at the Tata Giovanni Institute, of which he was named Rector, remaining there until 1823 — Fr. Giovanni was immediately recognized as assiduous in prayer, the ministry of the Word, in celebration of the Liturgy, in the Confessional and above all in his daily life in service to the humblest and needy. Fr. Giovanni admirably united the active and contemplative life, ready for Pastoral needs but always interiorly recollected, with strong Eucharist — Marian devotion and fidelity to daily meditation and the examination of conscience.

In 1823 Fr. Giovanni left the Tata Giovanni Institute to serve the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile — Fr. Giovanni remained there until 1825 when he was elected President of St. Michael’s Hospice, a grand but complex institution in need of effective reforms. Two years later, he was consecrated Archbishop of Italy Spoleto, in 1839 he was made a Cardinal by Pope Gregory XVI and then in 1846 was elected Pope and took the name Pius IX

Pope Pius IX had a difficult Pontificate according to the Vatican but precisely because of that he became a great Pope. Thoroughly aware of being the ‘Vicar of Christ’ and responsible for the rights of God and of the Church, he was clear, simple and consistent, combining firmness and understanding, fidelity and openness. — Pope Pius IX was the last Pope to hold temporal authority, he would grant amnesty for political prisoners. — Celebrated the First Vatican Council from 1869-1870, he would create 123 Cardinals and gained a reputation for being patriotic and a reforming Pope.

In 1856 Pope Pius approved the plan for railways in the Papal states, inaugurating the first section between Rome and Civitavecchia — In 1857 he visited the Pal states and was welcomed everywhere with rejoicing. Pope Pius IX would send Missionaries to the North Pole, India, Burma, China and Japan during his Papacy.

On this date in 1878 the the longest Pontificate in history ended with the death of Pope Pius IX, he was Beatified in 2000 by Pope St. John Paul II

Dear Blessed God Our Father, Please Bless & Protect Our Chile Friends

ChileChile Is in Hands of God –Image Courtesy: Enlace/BrendaG@Twitter

  • (CNN) 8.3 Earthquake Strikes Off Chilean Coast
    Prayers for Chile

U.S. Continues to Decline in Economic Freedom

LibertyLiberty or Bust –Image: Conservative Latinos@Facebook

(Daily Caller) In a new report on the ‘Freedom of Countries Around the World’ ranks the United States 20th which puts countries like Chile, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and China Hong Kong ahead of the United States.

The United States has seen more than a decade of declines having been ranked No. 2 on the index in 2000 — 8th in 2005 — 17th in 2013 according to the CATO Institute and Fraser Institute which jointly created the study.

Co-Author of the report Ian Vasquez said that the steady growth of government, increased regulations of business and labor contribute to the U.S. low rating.

Read the full report here from CATO Institute

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of St. Teresa de Jesus de Los Andes, First Saint of Chile

St Teresa of Los Andes

St. Teresa de Jesus de Los Andres
Image: Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites

(Vatican) Born in Chile Santiago in 1900 Teresa de Jesus of Los Andes is irrefutable proof that Jesus Christ’s call to be Saints is indeed real, it happens in our time and can be answered.

Teresa de Jesus of Los Andes, is presented to us to demonstrate that the total dedication of following Christ is the one and only thing that is worth this effort and that gives us true happiness.

As a young girl growing up in Santiago, Teresa read an autobiography of a French born Saint Theresa¬† popular known as ‘The Little Flower’ –This experience according to Franciscan Media deepened her desire to serve God and clarified the path she would follow. At the age of 19 Teresa became a Carmelite Nun.

The Convent offered the simple lifestyle that Sister Teresa desired the joy of living in a community of Women completely devoted to God.

Sister Teresa de Jesus, focused her days on prayer and sacrifice. “I am God’s,” she wrote in her diary. “He created me and is my beginning and my end.” Knowing for a long time that she would die young, moreover the Lord revealed this to her. A month that she departed this life, Sister de Jesus related this to her Confessor and accepted all this with much happiness, serenity and confidence for she was confident that her mission to make God known and loved, would continue in eternity.

Subsequent to many trials and indescribable physical suffering caused by violent attacks of Typhus which cut Sister Teresa de Jesus life short, she passed from this world to her Heavenly Father at the age of 20 on this date in 1920

Saint Teresa de Jesus of Los Andes was Beatified in 1987 and Canonized in 1993 by Pope Saint John Paul II and was the first Saint of Chile.

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Miracle From God—Chilean Miners Rescue Underway

Definitely a miracle from God

19 Chile Miners have been rescued so far after spending 69 days trapped CBS News Live Feed of rescue operation currently underway.

More here from Catholic News Agency

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