Maps Show Racial Breakdown Of U.S. Largest Cities

Map showing the Racial Breakdown of Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio: Green represents Asian, Red represents Caucasian, Orange is Hispanic, Blue is Black, Grey is Other–One dot represents 25 people

Using information from the latest U.S. Census, Digital Cartographer Eric Fischer, then color coded them based upon race, the maps represent the extent that America has blended together in the nations 40 largest cities.

More here from Sancte Pater

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Its an Obama Recovery, Dow Plunges 324.06

President Obama calls May’s jobs report proof of recovery. Who is he kidding?

Obama must think Americans are so stupid not to see past the smoke and mirrors and realize that 95% of the jobs allegedly created in May are nothing more than temporary Census Worker jobs which the Census Bureau hired and fired workers in order to inflate the actual jobs numbers.

Why isn’t the Dinosaur Media reporting the U.S. Dept of Commerce-Census Bureau cooked the books so that “Hoax & Chains” could pad employment data?

While Obama may fool some Americans under the age of five, Wall Street today wasn’t the least bit fooled by Obama’s rosy jobs rhetoric, the Dow Jones Industrial plunged 324.06 today and is down 12.5% since the 23 April closing high for the year.

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Census Bureau Disregarding 4th Amendment?

When does the U.S. Constitution no longer matter? We do know that the TSA routinely violates peoples Civil Rights with their XXX Full Body Scanners which allows for government workers intrusion an individuals privacy.

Former Congressman Bob Barr has alleged in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Census Workers have been empowered to demand access to any private dwelling in order to count persons residing in the home. Failure of Landlord to provide access may result in fine of $500.00

While Bob Barr’s post sounds dubious, the U.S. Dept of Commerce Census 2010 posts on their website that, “Census takers visit local homes several times to ‘capture resident information’ for the 2010 Census…”

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Via Charlottesville Daily

Census 2010: Kids Proselytizing For Obama

Census 2010 Obama Style

Obama Administration officials have launched “Census in Schools” an all out propaganda campaign targeting administrators across the country to recruit your kids and teach them to become good little evangelists to their parents.

Meet Obama’s newest Census collectors: Your Kid’s!
Via Michelle Malkin