Sadden to See Carly Fiorina Leave Presidential Race — Smart, Classy Woman

Carly Fiorina...@CarlyFiorina Suspends Campaign
Would Make Be a Good Asset to the Next Administration

Carly Fiorina StatementCarlyFiorina@Facebook Must Read Statement Ending her Campaign

News Coverage of Carly Fiorina Surpasses Trump’s Following Wednesday’s GOP Debate

Carly Media Coverage(Politico) Is Trump’s Popularity Waning? — Carly Fiorina’s Media Coverage Surpasses Trump on Thursday After Wednesday’s Republican Debate from Simi Valley –Image: Critical Mention

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Carly Fiorina Kills It in This Address at The Reagan Library

Hillary Clinton: Wouldn’t You Like to See a Woman Be the Next POTUS? — #CarlyForPresident

California Laughing Stock of the Nation

Unsure if its the salt in the air, the cloud cover, too much Pot or maybe not enough but California has once again distinguished itself as the lauging stock of the nation by electing Jerry Brown as Governor and returning Barbara Boxer to the Senate–two retreads that have lived off the government all of their lives, never holding a real job while becoming Millionaires in the process. Neither knows what a real job is, let alone how to create one.

Worse yet, they did it not by standing on their records but by character assassinations of their opponents. They continue to espouse the same policies of higher taxes, union rules and regulations, that drive jobs out of the state and the country, while criticizing their opponents for doing the same thing.

Former Chief Executive Officers Carly Fiorina of Hewlett-Packard and Meg Whitman of e-Bay, operated profitable companies that employed thousands of people, while California amassed $20 Billion Dollars in Debt and the Federal Government $13 Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit–up 30% in the last two years.

Rest here from Letters to the Editor, Orange County Register

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Carly Fiorina Ready To Bounce Barbara Boxer From Senate

Student Supporters for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina in Los Angeles

Time to Bounce Barbara Boxer from the Senate

On Tax Day, I wrote here that Republican Carly Fiorina addressed more than 9,000 Tea Party Activists in Pleasanton in April saying, “Barbara Boxer doesn’t have a clue where jobs come from. People who create jobs and the American Dream are not in Washington…”

What others are saying about Carly Fiorina former Chairman/CEO of Hewlett/Packard, wife, mother, grandmother and fiscal conservative who has signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge solemnly binding themselves to oppose any and all tax increases because Americans are Taxed Enough Already.

Tuesday Primary: Year of the Republican Woman Dawning? Christian Science Monitor

Incumbents Fight For Political Life, Newcomers Eying Victory In Tuesday Election–FOX News

Pleasanton, CA More Than 9,000 Attend Tea Party Rally

Tea Party Protesters at the Alameda County Fair Grounds, Police estimate that more than 9,000 people today went through the gates shattering attendance estimates by organizers.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina addressed the crowd saying, “Barbara Boxer doesn’t have a clue where jobs come from. People who create jobs and the American dream are not in Washington, they are at this rally today.”

More here from San Jose Mercury News

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