Elections Don’t Matter? 1,603 Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $19 Million to Protect African Rhinos

BoehnerAs Long as Kool-Aid Drinking RINO John Boehner of Ohio is House Speaker Obama has No Worries –Image: JP Hawkins@Twitter

(Breitbart) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is definitely RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and the real life rhinoceroses best friend too–appropriating some $19,061,000 to protect the Rhino’s and other exotic creatures from among other things African poachers, all at a time when our out of control federal deficit is now $18 Trillion+ or $56,383 per American citizen.

U.S. Budget Deficit Now $18 Trillion+

Obama Administration: Don’t Read Anything Into Purchase of 34 Million Green Cards

You Can Not Fool All of the People...Soquel(CNSNews) Despite All of the Ample Evidence to the Contrary the Obama Administration Says You Can Trust Us On Immigration —Soquel Creek


Al Gore is Wrong Again! Antarctica Sets New Record For Sea Ice

Al GoreWrong Al Gore Didn’t Have a Clue in 2007 –Image: Kippir@Twitter

Last September, FOX News reported that a new study in the Journal ‘Nature Climate Change’ compared 117 climate predictions made in the 1990s to the actual amount of warming–out of 117 climate predictions, 3 were roughly accurate, 114 overstated the amount of warming. On average, the predictions forecast 2 times more global warming, climate change (now the latest PC term is climate disruptions than actually occurred.

Will the Climate Disruption Soothsayers ever get things right?

The latest global warming, climate change climate disruption hoax revealed comes from The Cryosphere Today–Univ of Illinois Polar Research Group which shows the sea ice surrounding Antarctica has been steadily increasing throughout the period of satellite measurements that began in 1979 has hit a new all time record high for areal coverage.

Antarctic IceAntarctica Sets New Record for Sea Ice –Talking About the Weather

Flashback: Remember just two years ago Al Gore claimed that Antarctica ice was melting so rapidly, that rising sea levels were putting some 40 million people living in the worlds port cities at risk.

Given all of the erroneous predictions by Climate Disruption Soothsayers, is it really a good expenditure of taxpayer money to now spend $5.7 Million of taxpayer funds on “Climate Change Games” at Columbia University while we have a crushing federal budget deficit of $17.555 Trillion+ which pushes us closer-and-closer everyday to bankruptcy?

California Governor & Lawmakers Receive Pay Hike Despite Exploding $421,850,000,000 Deficit and Ranked as Worst State for Business

Gov Jerry Brown

(LA Times) After eliminating opposition to a pay hike for California lawmakers Gov Jerry Brown, 120 state lawmakers together with 10 other elected state officials were granted a 2% pay hike on last Friday by a state panel whose members claim, that California’s (dubiously) improving economy and budget situation justifies their raises.


What improving economy and budget situation?  California’s rapidly expanding budget deficit is $421,850,000,000 (per person is presently $10,961)

On the 01 June, I wrote here subsequent to a recent audit of state books it revealed accounting irregularities and an additional budget shortfall of $31+ Billion that together with a $78 Million+ forecast (ObamaCare) ‘Covered California’ deficit next year and ranked as the worst state for business in 2014 according to an annual survey of CEO’s across the United States doesn’t exactly sound like anyone in Sacramento deserves the salary they’ve been receiving, let alone a pay hike.

Despite a $419,680,325,000+ Deficit, California Democrats Plan to Go on a Spending Spree

California Debt ClockIn August 2012 California’s Debt Per-Person was $10,350 Today, California’s Debt Per-Person is $11,058 and Growing by the Minute

(Sac Bee) As Billions of dollars flow into State of California coffers, the money is burning a hole in the pockets of Democrat lawmakers, who just can’t wait to go on a new spending spree.

Uhm, I have a suggestion–Maybe it would be a good idea to pay down California’s $419,680,325,000+ rapidly expanding deficit, together with making-up for the $31 Billion shortfall discovered following a recent audit and set aside funds to finance ‘Covered California’ $78 Million deficit forecast for next year?

Could It Be Senator Harry Reid, That You Are Actually One of the Real Domestic Terrorists?

Domestic Terrorists

(Washington Times) On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called supporters of Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” turning up the rhetorical heat on what has been a tense standoff last weekend.

So let me see if I have this straight. The Feds spent wasted $3.Million+ of the taxpayers money according to Human Events sending in armed federal officers involving both air and ground assets to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, which allegedly owes some $1.1 Million in grazing fees and were met by local citizens (many of which were Sen Harry Reid’s constituents, I digress) protesting the Fed’s overwhelming use of force and Sen Reid calls them domestic terrorists.

Flashback: Remember when Obama’s DHS Chief ‘Big Sista’ Janet Napolitano claimed that our returning American Heroes, white-middle class Americans, anti-Abortion activists and those in favor of Constitutional limited federal government were the ‘new’ domestic terrorists.

Could it be that Sen Harry Reid and out-of-control big money spenders in Washington that have run up a crippling $17.582 Trillion federal debt and will waste $3 Million+ of the taxpayers money for an operation on a remote Nevada ranch in the middle of ‘Nowheresville’ that many of us never heard off before the last couple of weeks, are the real domestic terrorists, threatening our economic security, freedom and liberty for what?

Obama’s Watch: American Taxpayers Spend $400,000 for Camel Statute in Pakistan

Camel Statute PakistanYour Tax Dollars at Work: Feds Spend $400,000 for Camel Statute in Pakistan –Image: Tammy Bruce

Flashback: Remember when Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed “The cupboard is bare (referring the federal budget) there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important for people to understand that.”


H/T: Freedom Works

The Obama’s Set New Record of Nearly $7.4 Million for Vacation Travel Expenses

The Obama's...The Obama’s Tighten Their Belts –Image: Israel Matzav

(BizPac Review) It took a lawsuit but Judicial Watch discovered Friday, that ‘The Obama’s’ have set a record for travel on the taxpayers dime, racking up a staggering $7.4 Million in just 3 trips alone last year:

  • Obama’s 2012-2013 Christmas Vacation cost $4,086,355.20
  • President Obama’s trip to California to appear on “The Tonight Show” in August cost taxpayers in flight expenditures alone $2,145,907.20
  • The Obama’s Martha’s Vinyeard Family Vacation last Summer cost taxpayers in flight expenditures alone $1,164,268.80

The grand total for just these 3 trips in flight expenses alone cost taxpayers a whopping $7,396,531.20 

Obama to Seek $56 Billion in New Spending, How “Irresponsible and Unpatriotic” is That?

American DebtU.S. Federal Debt $17.335 Trillion -Image: AFP Foundation@Twitter

(AP) President Obama said that he will ask Congress to approve an additional $56 Billion in new spending.

Flashback: Remember when then Senator Obama claimed that Bush was ‘irresponsible and unpatriotic’ for adding $4 Trillion in to the federal deficit in 8 years as president.

It took Obama just 39 months to run up $5 Trillion in new debt and claimed in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News last year, there is no debt crisis.

How irresponsible and unpatriotic is that?